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  1. Hello thanks for the reply. We have found out the possibly cause of her spots in recent times - SALT, or lack of it. My wife has been using a daily salt solution to help with her adrenal performance to help her thyroid. She has been taking one teaspoon of salt solution with juice for a yr or so. It really helped her spots, but she stopped about 2 mths ago using the salt and hey presto her spots came back, but she didn't realise it was down to stopping the salt - hence me trawling the n
  2. She doesn't have any auto immune disease. She has an over active immune system which kills off any fertilized egg in her womb. They suppress this action using a lipid infusion. I just wanted to see if this was related to the acne problem. She is not taking any vits really, but is going to start vit D3. I was wondering if she may be low in progesterone and this is what affects the acne. Been reading lots today and it is hard to work it all out.
  3. Hello I am posting about some topics which may or may not be relevant to adult acne, but i want to see if other people have any similar symptoms or thoughts. The topics covered are: acne, thyroid and adrenal hormone issues, over active immune system and poor fertility. My wife is 34 and has only had acne since her 20's when work started. This is obviously a stress connected issue and we have also found out she has a slight under active thyroid issue as well. To boost her adrenal