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  1. interesting. are you sure it wasn't just that your acne went away as you got older? how can you be sure it was the foods? (not challenging you - just curious)
  2. could i pick some up at a local drugstore? Or will i have to visit the derm for some? thanks for your help:) do you recommend any combo's? i dont think my acne is hormonal, im pretty sure i broke out because ive been using salicylic acid on areas i didnt need it. Thanks a bunch:) sorry for the delay - yes, you can get it at any store. you can find it on amazon too.
  3. stay tough - i am much older than you, but i remember exactly what it felt like to have really bad skin in high school. i still struggle with acne, but it's much easier to deal with now.
  4. hi welcome to the forum. congrats on your first post. it's hard for me to see the detail in the pics - they look low resolution. from what i can see, i agree with leelowe - looks like some inflamed spots. since you're already using salac, have you ever tried to see a dermatologist? (easier said than done, i know.)
  5. panoxyl foaming wash has always worked the best for me. helps me control oily-ness.
  6. i know this feeling - whatever you do don't pop. i'd stick with the tea tree/BP. in my experience, that accelerates the natural healing.
  7. As somebody who has been an on-again, off-again member of the forum for a couple years, I think the owner of this site provides a really valuable service. I don't see any advertisements on the site, so I have no problem at all with him making money by selling some proven products - how else could he keep the site going? just m,y 0.02.
  8. i love the new design - i had been away from the community for a while but am back now. i especially love the "new content" button - was that here previously?
  9. hi welcome. when acne is on one side of the face, i always assume it has something to do with a pillow or maybe the sun only hitting one side of your face?
  10. didn't realize this forum existed! hi all.
  11. your skin looks amazing - congratulations. can i ask - what type of oil wipes do you use to control oil during the day?
  12. just want to say good luck - thanks for posting the day-by-day progress. i've always thought about trying to get accutane and i like reading these accounts. looking forward to continuing to follow!
  13. i totally agree with Lilly and faceisflaky - your skin really does look great. i would be annoyed with the burn also, but i'm guessing that will heal and you'll be left with clear skin. be grateful - i wish i had skin like yours!