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  1. I ended up trying again with the Retin A Micro. I started with the .4 percent and then increased to the .1 percent which is the highest strength Micro. It has helped some with the oily skin but has been amazing with the acne. I tried switching back and forth between the Micro and Dan's benzoyl peroxide regimen but it made my skin peel like crazy. I decided the oily skin was better than peeling like a snake every day.
  2. Clkw

    My skin is not nearly as oily, really keeps the pimples down on top of Retin A I apply it topically and it is a pain to crush the tablet and add to my moisturizer It works really well topically.
  3. Try the new Garnier BB Cream for oily combo skin. It has fantastic coverage, SPF 15 and helps control oil. I started using it when I recently went on Retin A and my skin was a mess. It is very gentle, nothing aggravates my already "upset" skin. The only issue is they don't have a really light color if you have really fair skin. It comes in light/medium and medium/dark. I love it!
  4. The new Garnier BB Cream for oily-combo skin is awesome. It has really good coverage for bb cream and helps with oil control.
  5. I recently tried the new Garnier BB Cream for oily-combo skin and I love it! It has medium coverage, reduces redness and oil and has an SPF of 15. I tried many different foundations and BB creams since I started using Retin A and this is by far the best. Very impressed so far!
  6. I just went off Retin A after 2 months because it made my skin a grease pit! It was horrible