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  1. Forgot to do an entry yesterday! Did regular routine Acne: Slight soreness near bottom lip no other spots are sore, two scabs (one on chin, one on cheek
  2. Still no antibiotics Regular 2 ultra d schedule florastor cream Acne: slightly painful cyst on right cheek cyst on left chin popped and doesnt hurt as badly Diet: pumpkin almond muff watermelon
  3. GOING COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE FOR A WEEK Acne: cyst on right cheek popped yesterday and is going down, slight pain cyst left chin will pop soon, still hurts Diet: cabbage, blueberry, banana pumpkin almond muffin
  4. No Antibiotics Day 3 Took 2 ultra 2 at 9am cream at 9am 2 ultra d at night detoxinol Acne: Painful cyst with hardening on right cheek Painful cyst on chin slight sensitivity on right chin Decided to eliminate soy today
  5. No antibiotics Day 2 Took 2 Ultra D at 8am Cream at 8am Florastor at 9am Florastor at 11pm 1 Ultra D at 9:30pm Acne: painful pointy cyst on right cheek, hardening around it (still from accidental sugar intake two days ago) sensitive cyst on chin (not worried about it)
  6. The newest pictures are the first ones. Sorry about that!