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  1. veronicaacoustic

    Day 14

    Forgot to do an entry yesterday! Did regular routine Acne: Slight soreness near bottom lip no other spots are sore, two scabs (one on chin, one on cheek
  2. veronicaacoustic

    Day 13

    Still no antibiotics Regular 2 ultra d schedule florastor cream Acne: slightly painful cyst on right cheek cyst on left chin popped and doesnt hurt as badly Diet: pumpkin almond muff watermelon
  3. veronicaacoustic

    Day 12

    GOING COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE FOR A WEEK Acne: cyst on right cheek popped yesterday and is going down, slight pain cyst left chin will pop soon, still hurts Diet: cabbage, blueberry, banana pumpkin almond muffin
  4. veronicaacoustic

    Day 11

    No Antibiotics Day 3 Took 2 ultra 2 at 9am cream at 9am 2 ultra d at night detoxinol Acne: Painful cyst with hardening on right cheek Painful cyst on chin slight sensitivity on right chin Decided to eliminate soy today
  5. veronicaacoustic

    Day 10

    No antibiotics Day 2 Took 2 Ultra D at 8am Cream at 8am Florastor at 9am Florastor at 11pm 1 Ultra D at 9:30pm Acne: painful pointy cyst on right cheek, hardening around it (still from accidental sugar intake two days ago) sensitive cyst on chin (not worried about it)
  6. veronicaacoustic

    Day 9

    The newest pictures are the first ones. Sorry about that!
  7. veronicaacoustic

    Day 9

    First day without antibiotics (Starting this morning) Last night, I ate a thousand island dressing, with sugar in it, and a white piece of bread. Last night, I developed one cyst on my right cheek and on my left chin, which hurt slightly. Took 2 Ultra D Take 2 Ultra D tonight Cream at 8am and 6pm Detoxinol before bed
  8. veronicaacoustic

    Day 8

    I have been on and off antibiotics for a while, and I think this is one of the main reasons why I got the cystic acne to begin with. (I took 4 at one time 3 years ago). So I WILL be going off the antibiotics because we have deemed this to be the cause. Thank you for your comment though.
  9. veronicaacoustic

    Day 8

    Took 2 Ultra D at 8am Cream at 8am Took Minocycline at 10:30am Minocycline at 11pm LAST DAY OF ANTIBIOTICS Acne: no painful cysts 2 white heads that need to flake off on left cheek slightly sensitive spot on right cheek (not worried about it)
  10. veronicaacoustic

    Day 7

    Took 2 Ultra D at 8am Took Minocycline at 11:00am Cream at 8am Minocycline at 11pm Detoxinol Diet: Acne: no painful cysts only bumps and flakes
  11. veronicaacoustic

    Day 6

    Took 2 Ultra D at 8am Cream on feet at 8am Antibiotic at 1:00pm Diet: blueberry and banana smoothie 2 wheat toasts Acne: No hurting cysts! only bumps on previous areas of cysts (more like scars)
  12. veronicaacoustic

    Day 5

    FORGOT TO DO DETOXINOL LAST NIGHT Took 2 Ultra D pills at 8am Cream at 8am Minocycline at 12 Acne: small cyst on right chin no other cysts hurt! still have scar from forehead right cyst, forehead left cyst scar on left cheek
  13. veronicaacoustic

    Day 4

    Took 1 Ultra D at 8am Rubbed Cream on feet at 8am Minocycline and Florastor at 12pm Cream at 6pm Minocycline and Florastor at 11pm Detoxinol before Bed Acne: 1 painful cyst on chin small cysts on right side, don't hurt cyst on left side doesn't hurt (released yesterday) cysts on forehead subsiding (right top released yesterday) Diet: two toasted almond muffins
  14. veronicaacoustic

    Day 3

    Took 1 Ultra D at 8am Rubbed Cream on feet at 8am Took Minocycline and Florastor at 11:40 Rubbed Cream on feet at 6pm Took Minocycline and Florastor at 11:30 Detoxinol before Bed Diet: breakfast burrito: flour tortilla, eggs, pepper, salt, turkey links Chicken wrap with caesar and lettuce on basil herb tortilla ravioli with tomato sauce and brocolli apples and shepherds crust milkshake with apricot, 2 bananas, blueberries Acne: One large cyst on left side of face One zit on right f