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  1. Hey there. It seems like your skin improved a lot comparing to 7 weeks ago. If you are not getting the desire result that you want, you may want to consider chemical peels or laser treatment. Also, I think you have post-acne erythema because they are red in color. Hyperpigmentation is like brown and dark like sun spots and freckles. All these info I got from several dermatologists.
  2. Hey Haley May. Thank you for coming back to the forum and gave us an update about your progress. Many other people will just leave the forum once they get clearance like you did. Really appreciate it. Happy Easter to you too.
  3. Real talk. Just one word: Respect.
  4. I am telling this from my experience. I have brown/red hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and jawline. I used 40% Lactic Acid for 2 months and it did not do much for my marks but it did get rid of my acne. Then I used 18% and 25% TCA peels. Each one time. They got rid of the marks around my jawline but the marks on my cheeks still remain and visible. You may want to start with something low.
  5. Maybe you want to go see a dermatologist. They can really help you creating a regimen for your condition.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are helping a lot of people on this forum.
  7. I would say if some of them have been on your face for 3 years, you should definitely go see a derm that treats acne scars and do laser treatments. Please don't take this the wrong way but I have to ask you a question about you feeling terrified seeing a derm. Which scenario would you choose? Live your future with the acne marks because you don't see a derm OR go see a derm and get improvement on your marks and enjoy life. Hope this helps.
  8. You may want to go on Yelp.com to check out the reviews of the dermatologists in your area. Some dermatologists are really nice and they understand how you feel.
  9. Hey there. I am a straight guy but I have to say you are really handsome. Here is something I can think of. 1.) Use physical sunscreen of 30spf or over everyday. Use it even there is no sun outside. Basically, avoid the sun if possible. 2.) Drink a lot of water, eat healthy, and exercise. 3.) Ask your dermatologist about acne hyperpigmentation treatments or find a dermatologist that uses laser or chemical peels to treat acne marks. Your story reminds me of my own story. I used to h
  10. If you want faster result, try chemical peels. If chemical peels don't get you the result that you want, maybe you want to consider laser treatment.
  11. Hey MaryMills, would you mind telling us what kind of acne scars you have or had? Such as were they just red/brown marks or they were indented scars like rolling or ice box? Also, how satisfied are you with the end result of laser treatment? Thank you :)
  12. I would say look into chemical peels. I have red and brown marks on both of my cheeks. TCA peel did get rid of some marks but there are still many stubborn marks on my cheeks. I am looking into laser and light treatments for those stubborn marks that did not respond to chemical peels. Also, in my personal experience, natural remedies like aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, lemon juice, and others did not work for me. If it does, it will take a long time like at least months. If it is really affe
  13. I dont know much about Bio-oil for red marks. I have tried jojoba oil and emu oil for my red and dark marks but they did not really work. In fact, I think jojoba oil broke me out. I have not tried Accutane and I am mostly struggling with my red and brown marks now. I tried Lactic Acid peel which was good in control my acne but it did not do much for my marks. I tried TCA peel from 12.5%, 18%, and 25%, they got rid of some marks along my jawline. But the marks on my cheeks were still there.
  14. Have you talked to your dermatologist for your red marks? I am talking about those dermatologists that know how to treat acne scars/marks with laser or chemical peels.
  15. In my experience, BP did ok with my active acne but it made my red marks really dark and they dont go away.