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  1. haha thx Dan I do hope your skin gets better by spring I used to have really bad acne, but the dryness of Australia has helped me with my acne yet my skin has not been to anywhere close to good yet. One thing I was thinking/ concern about this product - you know how there is benzoyl peroxide in the treatment, I was thinking would the oxygen in this treatment age the skin faster?! This is probably a non-sence question but I will find out the answer! This got we thinking when I was watchin
  2. Thanks dqn217! (Sorry, I didn't know how should I address you) So you have had the flaking issue for up to 4 weeks now, and its getting better?! Congratulation on that What about the acne, I suppose its getting better too! Do you keep the dosage you are using now i.e the full finger length for the rest of the regimen? What do you mean when you said the first month is not supposed to be very fun at all? Like the flaking issue?! -Oh NOO!!- Im live in Australia at the moment and w
  3. I havent't started on any of the acne.org product yet. Because I don't know when is the best time to START!! Im starting uni in 2 weeks and I really don't want my first impression to be the girl with skin peeling off her face! I want to know how far into the regiment would your skin start to peel? And also how long does this process last for?! Please help me out!! Chloe