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  1. hey everyone:) hope you guys are all doing well.i just wanted to know if anyone knew of a really good bronzer that wont irritate my skin.talc free. thanks
  2. heres the link check the ingredients and let me know what you guys think...i love it .it give my skin such a nice glow i have been getting so many complements but i think it might be breaking me out click here
  3. heres the link check the ingredients and let me know what you guys think...i love it .it give my skin such a nice glow i have been getting so many complements but i think it might be breaking me out ..http://www.walgreens.com/store/pickcolor.jsp?id=prod3946021&CATID=301533&skuid=sku3944842&V=G&ec=frgl_547484&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=sku3944842
  4. it just makes me so mad that revlon didnt take the time to think about what they were putting into this makeup.i mean how can you claim these minerals are better for your skin when they contain sooo many irritants???
  5. i was wondering if anyone tried these minerals yet?? i used to wear color stay liquid foundation and i loved it.so after seeing the commerciall i thought i would check it out but after reading these ingredients i would think twice b4 trying it.. Talc , Silica , Nylon-12 , Polymethyl Methacrylate , Trimethylsiloxysilicate , Dimethicone , Cyclopentasiloxane , Perfluorononyl Octyldodecyl Glycol , Grapeseedate , Polyethylene , Mother of Pearl , Topaz , Quartz , Silk - Serica , Cymbidium Grandiflo
  6. accutane does cause fatigue and also can dry the hell outta your eyes.have you tried some mositurizing drops..hope this helps.you could always mention it to your derm.
  7. i have been off of tane for about 8 months.my breakouts stopped around the fourth month and i have been clear ever since.i would do it again in a heartbeat!i could kick myself for being so scared to try it and for waiting so long.its was definally worth the dry skin, cracked lips, and all those damm blood tests.im sooo pleased with my results.
  8. are you drinking enough water???water is key!and moisturiezing like crazy .carmex is the best lip balm to ..use pile it on!!...i dont think stopping the meds for a couple of days will help much.it will just happen again your body has to get use to tane.hope this helps
  9. i do love my minerals but the coverage just doesnt last all day.i was just on makeupalley reading some reviews some good some not so good.i have been off of accutane for about 8 months now WOW that stuff is really amazing.thank you accutane.havent had a breakout in so long...so imknida scared to switch but the coverage from my minerals is just not enough for me.i still have some scarring and uneven skin tone.i want something oil free ofcourse and something that wont break me out.now i know ever
  10. hey everyone....just wondering if any one uses it??i am using mineral makeup and i love it but it just doesn't last all day.ive heard alot of good things about mac but never used it b4...which is better liquid or creme??thanks
  11. what are harmful ingredients in mineral makeup?i was reading up on it online that Titanium Dioxide can cause cancer??are minerals even fda approved??what about those not made from big manufacturers like loreal???i know you cant believe everthing you read but it still makes you wonder???
  12. so i guess i will just have to wait and see.if i had to do it again i would without hesitaion.accutane is really a wonder drug.maybe i should google "LIFE AFTER ACCUTANE."
  13. i have to say i lucked out in this department.....for once lol...i love my 36c's....but would love to have my nose done....i think plastic surgery is great as long as you dont over do it...like this lady what was she thinking http://static.flickr.com/6/8716497_3b19ed5a0e_m.jpg
  14. so i just finished my 7 month course at 60mg daily of soret.i have had awesome results.my skin was completely clear 4 months in.i have been using retin A for maintenance.my question is what is the percentage that it will return?
  15. my derm told me i should use retin A to maintain clear pores.that seems to be the norm after accutane ive heard and read here.i guess whatever works. Platinum007-WOW 41 grl you look great ! congrats on getting clear !I still donT believe AT 31 for the first time in my life i can go without makeup.its GREAT!
  16. ^i agree carmex is the best you can get and its cheap too!
  17. it's such a great feeling not to worry about your skin all the time.this drug is really amazing...i cant stress that enough.hopefully the retin -a will keep my skin smooth and clear.i would also like to have some peels to even out my skin tone and help with some lite scarring .my derms says i have to wait 4-6months.being on tane was great i was able to eat anything i wanted including dairy which would cause a breakout. i guess i will watch what i eat & drink plenty of water and take some su
  18. i have been on accutane for seven months.accutane has done wonders for my skin.im finally clear.WOW.its amazing! im down to my last 10 pills and im very nervous about my acne returning.my derm gave me RETIN A to maintain clear pores.my skin looks so smooth and dry...will my oil return????will the texture of my skin change?its so ironic...i was so scared to take accutane and now im even more scared to be off it...
  19. congrats on getting tane!let the games begin.... being on accutane is like riding a roller coater you will have many ups and downs.but in the end accutane will rid you of your acne.Im just finishing up my seventh month course and i couldnt be happier my skin is clear and it feels great.dont give up.dont let any breakouts discourage you from continuing with your treatment.take care of yourself and be safe.
  20. so whats the deal can i spray tan or not???im on tane 60 mgs a day.
  21. glad to see im not the only one.so the oily does return???that suks..isnt that the whole point of taking accutane??im so scared to come off it fearing that the breakouts will return.i still get one or two here and there.but only when i have alot of dairy i thought i would be able to eat anything on tane guess not.i was surprised when even my derm asked me if i eat alot of dairy.and then told me try to stay away from it.oh well i cant really complain accutane has been so good to me..im sorry i wa
  22. i have been on accutane for four months my skin is doing great...it is also very thin.the other day i scratched my forehead and it started to bleed.i didnt even scratch it hard.i love that my skin is no longer thick and bumpy but after tane will my skin be less thin???in a way i love it and it a way its kinda scary how easily my skin can become so thin..thanks
  23. i have been on tane for 4months and havent wax or used anything for my upper lip....but now it's starting to show a bit so i was wondering if anyone used creme remover and if so which one woould be best??and did it burn the skin??thanks