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  1. I am hoping for a lifestyle change because I believe skin reacts to overall health. I'm getting no results with creams and cleansers, so I'm thinking about going with lifestyle changes instead. However, I haven't heard about the oil cleansing method. What's that about?
  2. I'm super curious what sort of natural methods have worked for people so far. If you don't find the poll to include a method you've tried, please comment below and let us know what it is! I am really curious, and would love to know. Please include anything at all besides drugs / creams / chemicals / pharmaceuticals / birth control etc. I am looking for life-style changes or natural techniques to implement. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone on here try natural methods? If so, what do you do? Has drinking more water helped?
  4. Hi! I am new here (obviously ) and wanted to start out by asking a question of those who frequent these forums. I'm about to jump into the forum officially and look into posts and what not, but there is so much to read it'll take a while to scope out. Meanwhile, what I'm looking for is some idea of how many people on here are trying natural methods (with success!) instead of purely creams, cleansers, washers, pills etc. If you've had success with some personal method or lifestyle change that do