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  1. young_roller

    my regimen

  2. young_roller


    I think when he said it changed my life he meant im so happy my face cleared up lol
  3. young_roller


    GRRRR to hell with the lot of ya lol bwuahahahahahaha
  4. young_roller

    I got Vitamins please LOOK

    young roller speaks again lol no but seriously definatly B5 works fricken amazing if u can stand taking the pills um if u have a GNC store anywhere near you they carry them check there website for the closest location to you maybe there will be one just remember its like 20 pills a day till its clears up then 3 a day after to maintain should clear up within a month for most ppl
  5. that thing is bullshit ive come across that so many times lol its so friggen gay and its 6-7 capsules 3 times a day until it clears up then 3 times a day after to maintain
  6. young_roller

    Dans Regimen - Ahhhh Paiiinnnn

    nothing to do with acne but atlantic canada ya hell yeah go canada go newfies lol i wish i were a newfie
  7. shura shura youngroller strikes again mwuahahahahaha
  8. young_roller

    I got Vitamins please LOOK

    go kyle go goodluck
  9. hmmm to me that sounds like a bunch of bullshit but watever anybody can go out and hate on something say how it doesnt work because its easier to say its unhealthy then say how it works the thing u just posted just repeated its self over and over now u can belief wat u want but all i kno is B5's worked on me and many other ppl i actually kno so u can stick to your little hater report and drink your haterade (lol) and believe wat u want all im sayin is its worked for me and a couple ppl i kno wit
  10. PPS. if u still dought it check out the reviews on this site go to over counter then vitamens its right there its like accutane without the side effects
  11. my two cents.....proactive blows ,straight and sipmle it blows and it aint worth it
  12. ps well were discussing this why doesnt everyone give thier two cents on it....
  13. exactly i mean come one its water soluble its gonna breakdown and your gonna piss it out before u take the next dose all its gonna do is burn up some of the bad toxins and fats and stuff then make u piss it out sounds kinda healthy to me lol and im pretty sure nobodys died LMAO like someones gonna die from a vitamin u kno how much u would have to take to overdose on B5 almost the whole bottle at once compared to 7 at once hmmm thats a difference of 93 capsules ppl so im pretty sure your not gonn
  14. thank you scott i may die eventually but at least ill die looking good lol no but seriously works wonders so if u understand wat docter scott was saying and wanna clear up your acne give it a try.