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  1. monsterbarb

    Skin savior

    Skin savior

    Have been using Benzac AC incrementally for about a year, finally landing at 10 percent and my god, does it work. Sometimes I opt to buy the 5 percent every now and then so as to not build up a tolerance to it, which does the trick. Not entirely sure what the effect of such concentrated BP will be in the longterm, but right now it's just what I need.
  2. monsterbarb

    Mineral Powder Vs Liquid Foundation

    I've definitely taken note of MAC's pressed powder, perhaps that's something I could try. But about BB creams - I have tried them but I suspect they're what you call "knock-offs": Garnier in particular. What would you consider an actual or high end BB cream?
  3. Hi, I got to the stage around 6 months ago where I found myself unable to leave the house without some amount of face coverage. Since then until now, I'd only use liquid foundation all over for great coverage, but still encountered some of the expected problems that arise with covering your face with makeup. Just a few days ago I decided to swap my liquid makeup (I'd used Clinique anti-blemish liquid makeup) for seemingly lighter mineral powder foundation (Nude by Nature/Proactiv brand).
  4. monsterbarb

    Hi, 17/female Acne Sufferer Here!

    Thanks Hollywoodv1 I'm already a huge fan of juices, but yoga has always been on my list of things to do so perhaps this is the time to start anyway. Thank you too!
  5. monsterbarb

    Hi, 17/female Acne Sufferer Here!

    Well, I have seen a tremendous improvement in just a couple of weeks, but if you tilt the computer screen you can see my mottled complexion, which has lots of under the skin bumps and redness. One of the problems with me is only a third of my pimples actually come to a head, and the rest just sit there for months on end.
  6. Hi acne.org community, Seeing as I've been using acne.org regimen products for the past few months I've thought it appropriate to register here and share my spots of bother... ahaha... I've been acne prone since I was 13 and now I'm 17, and the severity has worsened. Proactiv did work for me until about two years ago, and that's when I had to take a different approach. So far acne.org's BP treatment in conjunction with the AHA+ (which I've been using for just a week) has really helped ta