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  1. They updated my file. Im able to view this now. I thought some might be curious, you did have another person that took accutane test positive for this same test.
  2. Really important possibility right here. 2/3rds of what you take in... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2019/06/10/study-our-gut-bacteria-may-be-dismantling-the-pills-we-take-what-you-should-know/amp/ Jun 10, 2019,12:12 am Study: Our Gut Bacteria May Be Dismantling The Pills We Take - What You Should Know Researchers tested 271 oral drugs, including the antidepressant Fluoxetine (brand name Prozac), the blood-pressure med Diltiazem hydrochlor
  3. I wouldnt think this is too far off from what some of us might be dealing with, and no Im not saying a persons brain fog is early onset alzheimers. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robinseatonjefferson/2018/07/25/evidence-mounts-that-germs-may-cause-alzheimers/#ffa20294fc96 In the end it will be microbes—bacteria, viruses and fungus—found to be at the root of all disease and aging, and specifically Alzheimer’s, contends geneticist Dr. Rudolph “Rudy” Emile Tanzi. “The two biggest thre
  4. mine thinned and the thickness never came back. Same with mine. he told me to go see the dr that invented rogaine and said its not the accutane. someone on here not too long ago was all concerned about copper. Powerful research tool uncovers link between gut microbiota and copper https://www.ucalgary.ca/utoday/issue/2019-03-18/powerful-research-tool-uncovers-link-between-gut-microbiota-and-copper Scientists at the University of Calgary have found that the gut mi
  5. Hey what's going on with your calcification? Where is this located at? What test diagnosed this? Thanks
  6. I think diet and in turn the microbiome could influence p450 activity. Zinc can actually be a nutrient for bacteria, a lot of bacteria compete for nutrients between themselves and the host. On a different note, interesting thought right here when looking at what truly may be a probiotic. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4547204/ Oral Lactobacilli and Dental Caries A Model for Niche Adaptation in Humans lactobacilli found in the GI tract originate in the
  7. Dont drink the water. You can see it might be possible. Commensal bacteria that could break down retinoic acid that could maybe even be further metabolized by the host. When I say commensal bacteria im not really talking about yogurt, kefir or even vsl3. Im talking about bacteria of human origin. Cyanobacteria blooms produce teratogenic retinoic acids https://www.pnas.org/content/109/24/9477 Generally, 4-oxo-RAs were considered to be metabolites of RAs formed in vertebrates by c
  8. here's a study. They said it was a small group size, but I also saw something similar when they were looking at different levels of effectiveness with ATRA treating Leukemia and liver metabolism, which might not be a variable factor. Retinoic Acid 4-Hydroxylase Inducibility and Clinical Response to Isotretinoin in Acne Patients https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3103843/ Conclusion Factors other than CYP26 activity may determine response to isotretinoin in acne.
  9. Really good article right here. Here are some concepts and thoughts that are so new they are from yesterday. (at least when the article was published) https://www.the-scientist.com/features/do-commensal-microbes-stoke-the-fire-of-autoimmunity--65871 Do Commensal Microbes Stoke the Fire of Autoimmunity? Jun 1, 2019 AMANDA B. KEENER Some key takeaways. Balancing Act Even if commensal bacteria do trigger immune att
  10. its funny what a good day might be for some of us compared to most. I like to post some things as soon as I come across them so I dont lose it. Retinoic acid suppresses intestinal mucus production and exacerbates experimental enterocolitis. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22563081 This study illustrates a direct effect of retinoid administration on intestinal mucus physiology and, subsequently, on the progression of intestinal inflammation This is something I like
  11. Maybe something prolonged going on right here. Its hard to imagine though a bacteria in the same class as c.diff plays such a role. Any of you have a bout of food poisoning some time in your life before Accutane? immunity. 2018 Dec 18;49(6):1103-1115.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2018.11.018. Commensals Suppress Intestinal Epithelial Cell Retinoic Acid Synthesis to Regulate Interleukin-22 Activity and Prevent Microbial Dysbiosis. Grizotte-Lake M1, Zhong G2, Duncan K1, Kirkwo
  12. Bacterial strain‐specific induction of Foxp3+ T regulatory cells is protective in murine allergy models https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1365-2222.2009.03437.x B. longum AH1206 reduced the Peyer's patch gene expression associated with antigen presentation, TLR signalling and cytokine production while increasing the expression of genes associated with retinoic acid metabolism. Friend or foe? i'm not really sure. you can see something quoted as "the promotion o
  13. I think you might be thinking something else then me. I would say you dont need more retinoic acid. That would almost be like saying take some more accutane. You could maybe make a case for vitamin a processes that retinoic acid doesnt fulfill, like what I mentioned a few posts back (vision,spermatogenesis), but then you start to float back to the thought of long term retinoic acid storage blocking these processes. I haven't seen strong evidence of that possibility.
  14. Protein regulates vitamin A metabolic pathways, prevents inflammation Date: October 23, 2017 Source: Case Western Reserve University Summary: Researchers have discovered how uncontrolled vitamin A metabolism in the gut can cause harmful inflammation. A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have discovered how uncontrolled vitamin A metabolism in the gut can cause harmful inflammation https://www.sciencedaily.com
  15. For me I dont really relate it to traditional scalp hair loss like in mpb. In fact maybe Accutane even slowed down a receding hairline in myself. I'll never know. What accutane did do was cause total diffuse hair loss throughout my entire body shortly after stopping treatment that never recovered. Everything from eyebrows to leg and arm hair. it would just come out in clumps. im not sure if Propecia is capable of this? to seperate the two. Towards Dissecting the Pathogenesis
  16. They are looking at said drugs and some effects on gut microbiota, like metabolism. In this study, we demonstrate that these 2 immunomodulatory therapies distinctly alter gut microbial composition in patients with MS. Inference of functional consequences of alterations in gut microbial composition induced by DMF and GA (MS drugs) GA and DMF had a concordant effect on 15 of those pathways, which included pathways affecting vitamin, amino acid, energy, and xenobiotic metabolism. Mor
  17. Interesting study right here. I know plenty have complained of sinus problems post tane. I've had severe sinus issues myself. They found p acnes abundant in healthy individuals. On a side note another study found inflammation that could be caused by retinoids could cause premature thin skin, despite the fact that it increased collagen turnover. Chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps is characterized by dysbacteriosis of the nasal microbiota https://www.nature.com/articles/s4
  18. im not able to watch it from the us apparently. i did see the article. what was the thing on younger people getting bowel cancer? was that a separate story? I can understand a 10 day course having more potential to do damage. i guess another point is though is that id like my chances of resolution alot more taking 1 or 10 pills as opposed to 120. as far as millions of sufferers, its probably the other way around just looking at alot of pro accutane feedback from that story. h
  19. Permanent side effects from just 1 pill is pretty hard to understand. Most of the general population isnt affected in such a way. A Dr would vehemently deny Accutane being the long term cause. If such a thing happened to me after just 1 pill, im not sure if I would entirely point the finger at Accutane, but maybe something that I was already predisposed to, that Accutane brought to light. Of Course I believe you, but being affected in such a way after such a limited dosage of a natural sub
  20. "ATRA has been used successfully in differentiated therapy of acute promyelocytic leukemia, skin cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma, and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and also in the treatment of acne and psoriasis. However, its usefulness is limited by the rapid emergence of acquired ATRA resistance involving multifactorial mechanisms." Its saying ATRA became ineffective. Which would have been good in our case. A few more things. "the rapid emergence of acquired ATRA resistance" When I
  21. If you could find some evidence of long term storage of retinoic acid that would be great. I have a study here showing tissue accumulation from circulating retinoic acid from plasma, but it gets metabolized on a cellular level so rapidly from multiple body sites, they had to sacrifice the rats immediately after dosing. It also goes on to state what I last posted, a person could actually become vitamin a deficient, even if they maintained high retinoic acid levels. Plasma Delivery
  22. @under_tow But all trans retinoic acid is not the storage form of Vitamin A. Its an active metabolite. Do we have some evidence of long term storage of Retinoic acid Specifically? Isotretinoin and the liver. Unlike vitamin A, isotretinoin is not stored in the liver.Isotretinoin is probably not directly hepatotoxic. Oral isotretinoin - NPS MedicineWise https://www.nps.org.au/australian-prescriber/articles/oral-isotretinoin
  23. Caused a chronic dysbiosis state? Yes possibly. this might be the slow burn or endless progressive cycle. Deletion of rdh7 resulted in reduced RA signaling in immune cells, lower levels of IL-22, and an enhanced resistance to colonization by pathogen that exploits IL-22 induced antimicrobials to thrive in the gut. Supplementing mice deleted for rdh7 with RA reversed the colonization resistance, revealing the significance of downregulation of rdh7 by commensal bacteria. "we are demonst
  24. i'm going to continue to share some possible correlations. New study demonstrates that intestinal bacteria grow in pregnant women Science Daily-Apr 18, 2019 They also recorded an increase in other bacteria, but Bifidobacterium was the only one bacteria that was identical to pregnancy in mice. the microbial composition of bacteria during pregnancy in a way that may help the baby develop. Why Don't All Infants Have Bifidobacteria in Their Stool? https://www.frontiersin.
  25. Im going to re quote what I just posted. Everything a person ingests in their diet, vitamins from a to zinc, to drugs, can cause shifts and manipule the microbiome. This obviously isnt specific to Retinoic Acid. Looking at this from a troubleshooting perspective, no matter what a person does diet wise, drugs, vitamins, If they were missing some key microbial commensals, a person would not generate something out of nothing, no matter how strict the diet. The probiotic