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  1. @Aaron76 So eat shit and Die? Yea it sounds like your in a pretty good place right now. You might want to back off on the cow intestine. I am going to email that company when I get a chance, tell them what you got going on. Thanks.
  2. i'm good with the menhaden fish oil you were pushing months ago, and I eat cow intestine for breakfast. What do you try to move old product that can no longer be sold? Im kidding, I dont care.
  3. Now you know Im not one to discourage. I think some people get along well enough to move on with their lives. There's no supplement or cure I would endorse atm, but I think a type of "clean" could be important. A microbial balance. (you know what I'm into right now) Bacteria that fights bacteria, to keep things even as extreme as cancer at bay. Bacteria might be important for fertility health too. Also Hard to treat healing processes. This doesn't necessarily equate to whats commercial
  4. Maybe try Krill oil next time instead, see if you respond better. I tried fish oil quite awhile back. I didn't really feel the need for long term use of it, and yes I feel it can worsen some symptoms(mental) for some reason at times.
  5. You might want to check out this study from Penn State. Maybe show Tom as well. Treatment of patients with isotretinoin significantly decreased monocyte TLR-2 expression and subsequent inflammatory cytokine response to P. acnes by one week of therapy. This effect was sustained six months following cessation of therapy, indicating that TLR-2 modulation may be involved in the durable therapeutic response to isotretinoin. This study demonstrates that isotretinoin exerts immunomodulatory effect
  6. @TrueJustice I would say the propeciahelp community is fairly smart as a whole. It could be as well because alot of guys got their lives and education going before they took the drug.There's some momentum atm on Propeciahelp, which is always a good thing.
  7. I think most of us could agree with this. Appreciate you starting this thread and doing what you're doing. I do a lot of driving for my job and il take a real listen when I get a chance in the near future to some of these videos, and support Toms efforts as well.
  8. I will say Propeciahelp.com is more active, there's more information to be had, thoughts to exchange, things to learn atm. As far as bridging the gap between whats called pfs and pas, there are too extreme similarities in some cases to be denied. That being said propeciahelp is very hormone centric, (which is understandable since they took a antiandrogen) and seem to be hit harder in this regard as opposed to Accutane victims in general. There are plenty there though who look for
  9. That is quite the swing from your last test results. Especially looking at opportunistic bacteria that was basically lit up last time. It almost seems too random, or inconsequential? Thanks for the follow up.
  10. So this sucks. I got this email yesterday. Guess I'll be waiting another month. It means a lot that you trust us to be a part of your health journey. We know you’re more than ready to get some insight and find out what your recommendations have to say. But right now you’re stuck waiting, and for that we owe you an apology. Why it happenedWhile we are grateful that we are growing so quickly, our order volume has more than quadrupled over the past 90 days, which has led to longer than norm
  11. Interesting study right here, and that a lower gi tract fecal transplant had no effect. Gut bacteria influence the birth of new brain cells in mice LIFE 19 May 2016 Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2089094-gut-bacteria-influence-the-birth-of-new-brain-cells-in-mice/#ixzz5vrjiB4aj Restarting neurons In another experiment, Wolf and her colleagues showed that it was possible to re-establish neurogenesis by giving antibiotic-treated mi
  12. You and me both man. It says they assessed my sample on jul 23rd so I dont know what the hold up is. I would expect this coming week. I probably shouldnt have told them I took Accutane and thats why I was looking into this. If this starts to amount to anything, thats a whole lot of worms for them for everyone with mystery type aliments.
  13. ive dabbled at two different time points with supplementing vitamin a. At times it seemed i had better skin, better hair, better vision, better stomach, no facial flushing, better thoughts. Followed by, I love this term (kidding) a crash. dry skin, hair loss, worse digestion, disconnected thoughts, depression, anger The worst was the seemingly permanent eye floaters it brought on. id leave it alone. when you talk about resistance, I think bacterial resistance. like
  14. @SCOTT242 Hey I posted some of your test results over on [removed] I figured you wouldnt mind. Thanks.
  15. To keep it all in perspective for others. Honestly if I only had the skin issues I would have never even created an account or worried too much about it, but would have got on with my life. Good for you man. The hair loss did bother me though. I wasnt expecting it to be permanent and it didnt even start happening until after treatment.