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    Well I am a Neopets addict.. well if you dont know what that is, its an online type game where you have virtual pets, that I play mostly everyday!! Well I joined because my skin is in a serious problem.. I just hate it!! I wish I had flawless skin like I used to have before puberty... :( Its making my life miserable. And as you can see, I think Arthur is hot, lol he is a guy in my school that I will NEVER be able to date, since I have no confidence in my self all because of my skin *cries*
  1. I seem to be having the same problem! the red marks are becoming like tiny little bits of acne and its not smooth or even its just bumpy in those spots
  2. but i notice that the spots get more red while im washing my face, and then calm down.....
  3. yea i guess red spots! lol its like blotches.... they dont have heads or anything. So theyll clear up fast? yess thats a relief.
  4. oh, and the really dry spots are mostly around my mouth and eyes whenever I smile. I use plently of moisturizer but it doesnt seem to do the trick
  5. I have been using Proactive for a while and noticed most of my face has cleared up, but I have red spots on my face that wont seem to go away. Whats wrong? My skin has also gotten extremely dry. And I have excessive oil. What should I do? God i HATE acne. Is there such a thing as permanent acne removal? lol
  6. yes I think guys can wear make-up, well not 'that' makeup like eyeshadow and stuff, lol well If you really think its neccesary and you need to cover up your blemishes. You can like, try it out
  7. Well, I kinda pick at my skin, and its kind of a bad habit of mine, well it leaves scars on my face, well I absolutley HATE my skin.. it ruins my life I have some scars and some redness on my skin right now and I really want to cover it up without looking chalky, patchy, and like Im actually wearing make-up, I have pretty oily dry skin, so what concealers and or methods can help me out?? My self-esteem is like below zero with my bad skin... and I really want a bf.. u know? but with my skin and