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  1. harsh yet effective.

    clears up skin burning sensation can be overbearing dries skin might be too strong I purchased it around this time last year and I still have it. It is super strong, sometimes I can't handle how much it burns, but the directions say to leave it on for 10-15 seconds I believe anyways. It definitely clears up acne, I feel like it just kills anything bad hiding underneath and on skin. I have deep black heads and white heads including large bumps that hurt, and this product flattens the bumps and he
  2. slowly but surely helping clear up my skin.

    it works well drying It is one of the products I'm using in my regimen that is currently clearing up my skin. I've been using it for ah I want to say 3 months, my skin isn't clear and hasn't been for about 6 years now but this is the clearest it's been. As for the product it's great! It burns my eyes though, no I don't put it in or around my eyes I guess it's strong enough to make my eyes water. It is drying, I have oily skin and since I have started using this it's dried out a bit which I don't
  3. ochoavictoriax

    It never dried my skin, I thought it would since others said it happened to them but I never had a problem with it. My acne is clearing up, I still get large pimples that hurt. Constantly having to use 2 separate clean towels each time I wash my face with this product. It burned sometimes, not unbearable but I was unsure of why it burned my face only sometimes. It made it worse the first 2 weeks. Sometimes increased the size of a particular pimple, to where it looked like a mosquito bite.Ne