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  1. Do you think amoxicillin as an oral antiobiotic will be effective in conjunction with the Benzaclin?? Thanks.
  2. Cool...One question: What's minocycline? (Is that an antibiotic?) My derm prescribed me an antibiotic: Amoxillicin (sp?)
  3. Anyone else have thoughts on when and how to use Benzaclin for maximum results?? Thanks.
  4. I've found the Cetaphil to be very gentle and it's made for sensitive skin....so it seems to work good. How is your acne doing with Benzaclin by the way??
  5. I recently visited a derm and she prescribed Benzaclin to me and told me to apply it once a day either at morning or at night (she said it doesn't matter). I'd prefer to apply it at night because I don't wanna have the stuff all over my face during the day but it's better to do it in the morning I will....what do you guys think? Also, should I wash with Cetaphil anti-bacterial soap, rinse with cold water, and then apply the Benzaclin 15 minutes later like I would with Dan's Regimen? Thanks
  6. I have some general questions about working out.....I run about every day for about 30-45 min....and I sweat ALOT especially on my face. 1.) Should I wash my face and apply BP as soon as I get up and then go work out? Or should I work out then wash my face and apply BP. (The gap between waking up and working out is usually about 1-3 hours). 2.) Have can I wipe the sweat off my face while working out without irritating my skin? (I have been using my sweat-soaked shirt and paper towels to
  7. Is there a difference between cystic and nodular acne?? Thanks.
  8. What's your guys' favorite electric shaver? (preferably for fine, thin hair). Thanks.
  9. No offense, but I think you are worrying about acne wayyy too much. I mean you are getting confirmed...one of the coolest events in your life and you are worried about oil making your face break out? I really think there's a line we need to draw here between keeping our faces clean and letting worrying about acne dominate our lives. I mean what are you living for....so you don't have acne? I mean if eliminating acne is the end of life in itself then life is pretty pointless. Sorry to go off
  10. I too would like to echo what everyone else has been saying: You have SOOOOOO much to live for. When God created us in His image, He gave us the opportunity to do so much in this world and I can guarantee you that 99% of your problems are probably all caused in your head by a poor self-image. If you just realize how much God loves you and how God never creates anything bad but creates everything with a wonderful purpose, then you will look at life with a new perspective that gives you more jo
  11. Well...here is a quote from that site you posted(http://www.health911.com/remedies/rem_acne.htm): "Discourage new blemishes by using a benzoyl peroxide lotion or tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic mentioned below. Benzoyl peroxide may irritate the skin, so it is best to leave it on for only two hours, then wash off. " Do you agree with this as well?
  12. OK. I've heard alot about blackheads but I'm not really sure what they look like. I assume they don't literally have a blackhead...are they just pimples that are red and don't turn into the white little pus-filled zit? I'm confuzzed... ] ](*,)
  13. I'm really sorry to hear that you're having to go through such crap...Everyone on this board is here for you. Most importantly--please remember that you are a beautiful human being no matter what your skin looks like...no matter what other people think of you. I know this because God created you, God loves you, and God wants more than anything for you to spend eternity with Him in heaven. There is so much more to life than just the here and now and it is such a waste to worry about superficia
  14. I'm applying quite a large amount of Vita-K twice daily all over my face and neck in an effort to even out my complexion and reduce any blotch/unevenness in tone. I use about a half-dollar in radius worth on my neck and about another half-dollar in radius worth on my face. I am wondering if I am using way too much and wasting the Vita-K. By the rate i am currently using it (twice a day), it looks like I'll run out of the stuff after a week and a half. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....