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  1. Hey girl I didnt know Perricone had an acne book. Just wanted to say that I used to wake up oily too until I cut down on my dairy products. Do you eat a lot of dairy?
  2. I thought you had been using the mandelic for longer than a week?
  3. I found this on google about the cream. Dated 2002-01-08 : "Hello everyone, I posted a few days ago to someone's post about pock marks. He has not taken me up on it, so I am canceling that one and offering it now for anyone in the USA. I have a product called Skn Savr, that fades many scars, moles, stretch marks etc. I made it for the cracks in fingers and feet. Now I KNOW it fades scars and helps keloids, but I have NO idea what it would do for pock marks, if anything. I
  4. This is suppose to work on all types of scars. I emailed the owner and she claims that it works on 9 out of 10 people. Can anyone tell me if they have tried this cream before? "...Skn Savr has worked on a third degree burn which was pretty deep. I don't know if it will work on pitted acne scars, but it works on 9 out of 10 people. I tell people to use it every day and wait 2-3 weeks for results. However, as women, we usually look every day. Some see immediate results and some start to see re
  5. Have you seen improvement in scars? If so what type of scars and what percentage of improvement? How long did it take to start seeing results? thanks /
  6. thank you very much for the information I appriciate it. =)
  7. Think Positive, what type of shallow scars has the mandelic helped you with and what percentage of improvement in these scars have you seen? Thanks for posting!
  8. Hey you guys who are noticing more scars caused by smoothbeam- is your skin still scarring from acne too? Did you just finish a round of accutane? Any other possible reasons you are scarring while others are not? I would really love to hear about an effective treatment that poses no risks, I thought smoothbeam might be the one but then I read about the further scarring. Sigh....
  9. I remember reading about a guy who was very happy using some type of glue stick to fill in his pits. It was the non toxic type and did not show up white on his skin. Does anyone remember which glue it was? (glue stick not liquid)
  10. thanks. As for getting all of your pits next time, maybe you should mark them up yourself before going in?
  11. Thanks for the reply, I am wondering if my skin is strong enough to do high strength TCA because of the other treatments and Co2 laser seem to have thined my skin a bit, have you had any previous treatments before the TCA. Do you think its extremely harsh on the skin?
  12. imdue, how many times did you do the cross TCA for the pits to be gone? How large were these pits? Thanks
  13. Hello bluetonic, how long does it take for the neosporin to heal the holes? Which neosporin are you using?
  14. Elle


    Thank you once again for taking the time to write. You always include great details and I for one appriciate that. I was happy to hear that your friends and husband have noticed your improvement, thats very exciting. Please keep us updated with your progress. I am awaiting my CPs but I think that I ordered the wrong one, I wonder if they make exchanges??
  15. Elle


    I guess I was mostly wondering how severe your scars were. I dont know of any scar pic galleries; I only see scar pics here and there as I go along;when someone posts a doc's website or whatever. I thought that maybe you had come across one that you felt matched your particular situation. Where are Maya's pics? Which of your treatments would you say helped the most for your scarred pores? If you had to create a treatment for these particular scars what would it be and in what order? Wel