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  1. *UPDATE* Day 6 Sorry I haven't posted, barely anyone replies so that really gives me no motivation to keep updating... Anyways my lips gotten really dry along with my cheeks and nose. I've started used Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream which has been terrific even after just one use. Body acne seems like it's gotten worse...
  2. Hey oh alright, I'll do that in a bit, I'm too tired for tonight haha. I was on for 1 month in august didn't really do much and it was just mild on my back. I left it for like 3 months and it slowly got worse... I got another prescription for 1 month, it helped a bit but it got worse near the end. I than asked my GP if i could get a referral to a derm and that's how I got accutane.
  3. DAY 1: I just took my first pill! I'm on 40mg for now, and my dermatologist said she'll see how I do for the first month. Obviously no side effects yet, but I'll keep updating! Btw how can I post pictures?
  4. *UPDATE* February 27, 2013 So I got my blood taken took at 8.AM (Yeah I know that it's early) but I didn't want to fast during school and not eat anything and go get it done after. Experience was alright, I went right when the blood lab opened and there was a line up of like 6 people! Got 2 vials taken and made me shiver when I seen my blood in them. Anyways, hopefully getting the Accutane prescription tomorrow afternoon before my dermatologist leaves for her vacation! I'm excited!! Picture
  5. Hello! So I've had body acne for almost a year now, I'm about to start Accutane and thought I'll do a log to not only see my personal improvement but to also show you the process of this drug. I'm about to do my blood work tomorrow before I could get the drug. I'll be on Accutane for 6 months, not sure the dosage yet. I'm 5"10 5/8 tall and I weigh 160 lbs. I've been through many treatments but it hasn't really helped it. This is a list of what I've taken so far. LIST: - 2 courses of Ery
  6. I've been on Erythromycin for a month and about 2 weeks. Does erythromycin actually clear up acne and how long does it it? 70% of my bacne is covered with acne and just the middle of my chest is. Btw what is cyst acne exactly? I still have under 3 months of erythromycin left but I feel like it's not really working and i'm wondering if i should just get a referral to a dermatologist and maybe get on Accutane.
  7. Ohh alright ill start drinking water and ill get a couple of the bars, thank you for your advice
  8. Accutane is very strong, it can even affect your bones and playing sports and should not be taken unless you've exhausted everything else. Have you tried using products with benzoyl peroxide? I think murad is all SA. Are you making sure to drink enough water? Try changing the laundry detergent to a sensitive skin formula. Yeah, I read about Accutane a bit on the internet. Does it really affect your bones? ;o I have rep football that's starting up next week. :/ yes, i try to drink water wheneve
  9. Hey, so this is my deepest insecurity, I don't want anyone to know I have this, so I guess I should just post it on the internet. So I begun to have just a mild/moderate case of bacne in summer of 2012, my family doctor prescribed Erythromycin 250 mg twice a day for 30 days. I took it for about 1 month and it didn't really do anything. I than turned to Murad Acne body wash and Spray after it didn't work, and this really didn't do anything either. Throughout the whole time my problem just got