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  1. www.wizozkansas.com she is very helpful too
  2. they have good affordable glyccolic acid here with great service too http://wizozkansas.com/
  3. best of luck with the regime and I hope the improvments continue as rapid
  4. been on about 10g/per day of b5 - 2 types - acne miracle and weber naturals. this is my 2nd time around for b5. results take longer that 1st time around and am about 75%% clear now-been about 3 months so far.
  5. i bought this as it sounded and looked great!! after using it a bit, i noticed the larger more persistent zits were more prone to scarring - the product did work but caused me to scar #-o - back to neutrogena on the spot
  6. i have found that honey really helps alot with glycolic acid burns
  7. can you post a link or something- i am having no luck with your info tia
  8. many people like it and find it works well, however, I have a sensitivity to the emu oil so I can only use it for a day every couple weeks or it makes me break out - sux to be me. Good Luck
  9. I find that using a mild wart remover applied on a cyst from cystic acne helps is heal much faster. you must be very, very cautious tho as you may cause a scab or even a scar. wart remover is made out of a strong salictic acid. I put a small dab directly on the cyst and leave it. Again, I must caution you to be very, very careful if you try this. also it is better to start with a smaller amout and work your way up if you are going to try this. Good Luck All!!
  10. I use aloevera during the day and super cp serum and night-the bad thing tho is when I wash ever so gently the scab comes off- uggh. last night I didn't wash, just toned with witch hazel and went to bed. Hope all will be well!! :?
  11. i have been doing that-i sure hope it works :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. i think a new scar is forming on my nose-please help with any remedies to make it not form a scar Thanks a bunch!!