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  1. try a tca peel. im on day 5 and my skin is still peeling, but looking good. theres tons of websites with info and you can purchase on ebay for under $40. i piaid $25 for 1oz of 50%
  2. Hi i started using delna's regimen when i got clear, because the BP had left horrible red marks. I felt like it was working at first. but i think i just liked the way my skin looked/felt because of the exfoliating properties of the Baking Soda. I started slacking with it after about 2 wks, first i stopped the egg mask cause it was just a pain, and i hated the way it felt on my skin. ( i do it every once in a while now just because it does give my skin a nice even tone.) then i stopped the vin
  3. do u have active acne? are you using Dan's Regimen? If you dont have acne, try a peel for the red marks.
  4. Hey everyone I jsut did a TCA peel for the first time.... 13%. I know the peeling skin is to sensitive for BP, so when can I start up again? thanks
  5. i dont have any holes theyre not even scars, theyre just red marks. i did the 13% peel yesterday. No peeling yet, I hope it took!
  6. thanks for the info! I diluted it to 13% and did a patch test on my cheek (where my hair covers when down) day 1 and 2 it was red and barely noticeable, then today, day 3 it was peeling like crazy! i wonder how bad i would have looked if it was my whole face?? Im going to wait til the week of my birthday cause i took off work wed, thur and fri, then its the weekend. i was thinking of doing it that monday, that was the bad day, day 3, ill be off. wish me luck!
  7. im thinkin i would look silly with a white face and a tan body (because in only a few short weeks i get really tan) maybe i just slap on my spf moisutrizer before i go in, that way i will get some color and hoefully not make the marks worse thanks!
  8. Hey everyone I just ordered Esthetician's ChoiceTM TriChloroacetic and am expecting it this week. I have never had a peel done nor ever done one myself. What will my skin look like afterwards (for the following few days). Is this something that should be done on a weekend or something? ANything I should be cautious of while doing it myself? I dont want any surprises... Please post if you have experience THANKS!!!
  9. do u mean for red marks? you have to try different things before finding what works, it sux but everyone is different.
  10. are u putting it on really thick like a face mask? otherwise it probably shouldnt be that uncomfortable. i know what feeling your talking about (i hate face masks) but Dans Gel doesnt do that to me. Use the amount he shows in his video.
  11. Hi everyone. Since the weather is getting warmer here on the East Coast, I want to start tanning. I know, I know...tanning beds are bad! I use them for about one-two months (twice a week) to get ready for summer. THen i just hit the beach once or twice a week all summer. My question is... will the tanning bed make my red marks worse? Im hoping that with darker skin they will be less noticeable. Last summer I had acne (no red marks) and the bed dried up my skin and made it so much better! But
  12. definitly Dan's! On the Spot didnt work for me, it turns white, balls up and dries up my skin to much. Dan's is completely different, it goes on smoother and doesnt dry as fast as the OTS. It comes in a huge tube, each one lasts me about a month. Even with shipping costs, its cheaper per oz. than OTS
  13. chlorine dries up your skin (active acne) it always helped me, im a swimmer and have great looking skin in the summer.. the sun also helps the regimen has been a miracle for me. 10 years of acne and its gone, i have never had skin this clear
  14. thanks for the reply. I have never done one before, nor had one done professionally. so i have no clue how my skin will react. Is this something that should be done like over a weekend incase i look like a monster? Does it just look like a sunburn or much worse? any details would be appreciated. thanks