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  1. I guess if everything else did not work why not? Good luck
  2. How much Saw palmetto to take if you are a male?
  3. I have been taking 3 drops twice a day for the last 5 weeks and I have seen some improvement in my general health and my acne cleared up by 50%. I am going to continue with the hope of getting even more improvement. If anyone has experience using mms supplement for acne, please let me know about your experience.
  4. Thank you for your response. Have you tried salicylic acid washes before? If so do they work? I promise I will not ask any more questions.
  5. I wast told 3 months ago that i have acne because my lymph needed to be clean. I have since been using a product by solaray and my acne improved by 30%. I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same experience and what did they do to clean their lymph. Your response will be appreciated.
  6. Sale86 If I were you I would try niacin. I did the b5 thing years ago and the results were not as good as niacin. Also I lost a lot of weight and starting to have sexual problems. I just letting you know about my experiences.
  7. JimSta which brand are you using? Is it regular Niacin or flush free.
  8. I will appreciate any updates.
  9. Hey man after reading your post , I am now inspired to try niacin. I will let you now if it has worked for me. Any update will be appreciated.
  10. Anymore updates? I am really thinking of trying Niacin. Your responses will be appreciated.
  11. I took 50000 iu of Carlson vitamin a with pectin daily for two years. It improved body acne was completely gone and my face acne improved by 70%. However I am now trying vitamin d3 to see if I can clear up face acne more. So far so good. Ps vitamin if you going to use vitamin a make sure it has pectin in it, it will not harm your liver like regular vit a would.
  12. Shelop how much D3 do you take? How long did it take to clear up your acne?
  13. I have been using 4000iu of d3 for five weeks now. At first my acne was clearing up but now it seems like I am starting to break out again. Is this part of the clearing process. Please let me know.