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  1. Hey! Check out the hormonal acne thread, in particular posts on Spironolactone. Do some research and then ask your derm/gyno/endocrinologist about it. I was on Spiro a while back and within 1 month I was clear. It is an androgen-blocker, so it should help with your unwanted hair. Cheers!
  2. Hi English Rose, I'm starting a second round with an ultra low dose (10 mg three times a week). I'm also in my mid-30s... I took the third pill today. My first accutane course was about 2 and a half years ago, 10 mg. daily for one year. I started breaking out mildly again in october, and like you I freaked out! It was mild, but still too much for me. So I went to my derm, and he told me I could do a very low dose "course" for a few months. He actually takes accutane in a weekly dose for years
  3. Hey BlackBird, You could ask your doctor to put you on a second low dose course for a longer period of time. I did a one year course (10 mg). I'm starting a second course at an even lower dose (30 mg weekly). My acne now is way milder than before Accutane (before it was mild-moderate) but still makes me anxious. Plus, my derm mentioned that he is starting to give Accutane as an anti-aging pill. Of course, you should have your blood tests done before you decide if this is the right strategy for
  4. Hi all, Thanks for your replies! Maxi, the first time I took Accutane (10mg for a year) I had slight side effects (dry lips, dry eyes) for the first and second months, and then they went away. Now I'm only in my second pill (as I mentioned, I'll be taking 30 mg. per week for a few months, and then the dose will be lowered) and have not noticed anything yet. By the way Extasy, my liver is perfectly fine, and I trust my doctor's decision. He has been taking ultra low dose Accutane (10 mg weekly)
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a woman who is in her mid-30s. I'm starting Accutane today for the second time around. I first took a one-year 10 mg. daily course around 2 and a half years ago for mild-moderate acne, and it worked out very well. I started breaking out mildly 2 months ago, and my derm put me in a ultra low dose (10 mg. on Mon, Wed, Fri) for another year. My acne now is very mild, but still causes me a lot of distress and anxiety. Plus my derm told me that he uses low dose Accutane as an anti-a
  6. Hi all! I've been so busy, I haven't posted in a while. I've been on 10 mg for around 6 (or 7) weeks. I haven't had any major breakouts in a couple of weeks. My skin texture is a bit strange, though, I notice my scars more, and some oiliness that was gone in the first weeks has somehow returned. I have gotten like 2 or 3 really small pimples on the last few days. Overall, I guess it's going well, but I might ask my derm to up my dose to 15 or 20 mg for month 3. I haven't noticed any shedding of
  7. Hi, I also think your son should go through the whole course. My sister took Accutane and actually cleared up until around month 6 (and her derm extended her course to 8 months). She never breaks out now. So don't get discouraged or overly anxious --you may transmit your anxiety to your son (which as we know is bad for acne)!!
  8. Hey, thanks! I went to the pharmacy and was recommended a hydrocortisone ointment. I applied it today and the rash seems to be subsiding...
  9. Hi all, please help. Since yesterday I'm getting wht seems to be a rash on my chin and around my lip area, and I think it is now spreading...I moisturize a lot, and this is a totally new development. It doesn't itch...What could it be? Thanks for helping!!!
  10. Hey Dee Dee, Cute couple! My derm will have me at this dose for one year. I hit the 1 month mark on the weekend, and it's going well. My chin has a lot of blackheads and small, really small bumps --a bit worried about that but it's still too early in the treatment to ask for perfect skin, no? I'm feeling so emotional right now, but I think my period is the culprit. Anyway, good luck and keep your results posted! Alicia
  11. Hey! I'm also on 10mg per day! My derm prescribed this low dose as my acne is not so bad (mild, sometimes moderate). I've been on this dose for 1 month now. At the beginning (around week 2) I had my initial breakout, took like 10 days to clear up. Now my face is full with blackheads, but I think I'm the only one that notices them... So far, I think it's working... Good luck! Alicia
  12. Hello again! I'm in 21 days now and things have been...interesting. My IB subsided and the uncountable amount of tiny pimples on my forehead are now countable and hardly noticable. Things were going along just fine and yesterday I sprouted some actives. Nothing comparable to what I previously experienced but still a drag. My skin isn't super dry or oily which is refreshing however my lips are making up for all the dryness. How are you doing? Hi all, I think I've taken 25 pills. Righ
  13. Hey Jenny, I find that doing series of back bends really helps me. I also like "happy baby" (that's how my teacher calls it?) and rolling around in it. But in general yoga helps so much! What type do you do? I'm into Vinyasa/Ashtanga. Cheers, Alicia
  14. Oi Aline! Don't worry, your breakout will last around (maybe) 2-3 weeks, and then you'll start to notice improvement. I've been on Accutane almost a month now, and the breakout lasted from weeks 1-3. Just don't pop your pimples! Good luck!
  15. Hi Jenny, with a small dose, such as yours and mine, the dryness is less severe than for those with higher doses (say, 60-80 mg). Actually, for the first few days my face felt oilier! I'm just starting to feel dryer skin now, in my mid-3rd week. Nothing bad. I guess it also depends on your skin (if it's oily or dry to begin with). Like you, my first side effect was dry eyes --then a sore back. Cheers, Alicia