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  1. Our drugstore didn't have Cetaphil (wth, right?) but they did have CeraVe. I'm fully slathered and I already feel soooo much better. Thanks guys!
  2. I've been out of the acne game for some time so I'm not hip on the current products. I'm fighting a losing battle with very dry skin right now. Anything good I can slather on? Thanks!
  3. Razor, your problems could be stemming from the fact that you are using JUST castor oil. It's pretty harsh by itself. I would try a carrier oil with it. If your skin doesn't like EVOO try Jojoba, Grapeseed, or Sunflower or a combo of different oils. Also make sure your castor oil doesn't have a bunch of other stuff in it. You want the pure cold pressed stuff. Adding a tad of TTO may help too. Oh yeah, be sure you are using a CLEAN towel to remove the oil from your skin. Washing the oiled
  4. even though mineral oil is labeled as an inactive ingredient, it's still in there. my opinion is not based on past experience, but i'd rather put sunscreen on my face than mineral oil.
  5. i can't believe this thing is still going on. that's insane!
  6. all i want to know is where the hell does you get all those kick ass emoticons????
  7. aysia, why do you have to be so condescending to everyone? why do you make bigoted comments, such as "tree hugging aborigine"? are you so unhappy with yourself that you have to degrade and insult others in order to make you feel better?
  8. skims made a personal choice. he chose not to risk it. i don't think there is anything wrong with not chosing to take it. he read the leaflet and didn't like the sound of some of the side effects. so he's not going to take it.
  9. well you know what happens when you stop the regimen....another pimple. you could run the risk of getting new pimples to make new scars. then you have even more to worry about. i'd say stick to one thing...then focus on the other.
  10. sure i'm using a tea tree cleanser!
  11. smoothbeam: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=4113 http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=4720 http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=781 here's a few. there's tons others on the scar board. just search for smoothbeam.
  12. how long have you been using the vinegar method? maya said it took the girl she saw a few months. give it time it may help. or it may not. at least you'll know that you didn't give up and you did what you could do.
  13. it seems as if it does. many people have said that they've had no problem with breakouts since this vinegar regimen(besides the small irratation bumps, and minor irratation breakouts)
  14. well do you use as much 5% as you will be using while on the regimen?? remember it's like at least one swiggly finger worth two times a day. if you are already using that much right now with no problem then sure. but if you are using like a 5% bp wash once a day you need to go down to 2.5%.
  15. well try it and see how your skin reacts. personally i think it's too much...not for my skin just for my time. i'd probably take out the evening step. i've never used diffren so i don't know what it does. so really you'll just have to try and see. after a week or so if your skin is getting irrated remove a step. also with so many things going on at once you don't know whats working. you could be spending more money than you really need to be. know what i mean?? oh by the way....i don't