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  1. I like buying the tea bags... not the pre-made stuff... Green Tea is fun. For acne and the digestive system it's pretty good too...
  2. Well, I have been away from the net, so haven't been able to post. Anyway, over the weekend I was hitting the breads a lot. I ate lots of Oragnic Stoneground Wholemeal Brown And an Organic loaf with Pumpkin, Sunflower and Linseeds in. I'll see if I break out lots. I have also stopped using my microwave. I bought more fresh veg and now have stir-fry's in the evening with mushrooms, peppers, beansprouts, carrots and tomato in. I'm still trying the water thing, but only drinking about 4 pint
  3. My skin really leared up when I was over in the U.S. last summer. At this point I was eating tons of bagels, and fruit, and not having anything form the microwave... Perhaps there is a connection. Or maybe I'm just hoping...
  4. No, they were never organic. *Thinks* Perhaps I should try it... But it costs so much...
  5. Hmmm... I am eating button sprouts, frozen, because of the cost and stuff. I'm not really being too strict either, with anything other than the water drinking two hours before and after meals... I seem to have the attitude that it's okay for me to eat certain things and see if I flare up. Which is silly. I did have an allergy test done in which it showed that I wasn't allergic to meat and fish, yet I found when I ate it, I had a rash flare up. Anyway, today I ate: 8:30 -9:10 Two Apples and
  6. McDonalds suck... even if your skin is clear as the sky you shouldn't go near it...
  7. *look up at sheet* I eat a bowel of brown rice everyday... Will that give me enough protein?
  8. Yes, I was thinking of eating more protein, but I don't want to eat meat... What is the best source? And I would steam, but I can't afford to. Frozen is so much cheaper for me, and easier...
  9. Yes, lifestyle does play a big part in acne for me I find.
  10. When I drink lots of water I pee every fifteen mins... It's a bit of a chore... Although, don't drink lots with meals...
  11. Well, today is as follows: 7:00 am - 2 pints of water 10:00 am - two pears 11:15 two tomatoes 1:00 ryvita (rye) 4:00 bowel of brown rice It's about 4 now. I will drink more water at 6 Then eat some sprouts and carrorts and stuff from the microwave at 8 My skin is a little better than yesterday, but I think this might be due to the Tea tree wash...
  12. Just be open about it. If she really cares for you, she will understand. I'm sure if the boot was on the other foot you'd understand. I know this may sound personal, but how's her skin? I mean... I find myself matching my skin up to my partners all the time.
  13. Isn't eating hardly anything... bad for the body, and for acne?
  14. Okay then, I hope this is the right place to put this. I was gonna post it up with everyone elses skin regimen's, but I'd rather stick it here. I'm sure it can be moved if need be. I'll try to write in it everyday. I'm 17 and have been getting acne rashes on the side of my face for the best part of a year. I tried cutting out all sorts of stuff, and am convinced it is diet related. I also have spots that go from large to small around my chin, lip and nose... yucky. Anyway. Today: 2x Or
  15. Hmm... I use a filter because that way at least you know you've done all you can in the way of making sure what you drink is "pure". I try to eat Apples and Pears, and sometimes Melon. Having said that though, I just went through a crazy phase of eating 5 bagels. It was the first time I'd had them in about.. three months... The first time I'd had wheat in fact. I also try to drink a lot of green tea.