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  1. If i get a 1.0mm one from ebay how often can i use it? Also is it ok to use a 1.0mm in conjunction with vitamin c skin creams? The doctor at the clinic i bought the 0.3mm one told me to apply the cream after using the roller. Well I use a 1.5mm stamp on my cheeks every 6-8 weeks, and a 1.0mm on my forehead. I don't see any issue with using vitamin c after needling, in fact it's encouraged. I will probably get a 0.5mm in a week or so and buy some vit c serum and night moisturizer. I plan on
  2. If i get a 1.0mm one from ebay how often can i use it? Also is it ok to use a 1.0mm in conjunction with vitamin c skin creams? The doctor at the clinic i bought the 0.3mm one told me to apply the cream after using the roller.
  3. Enough or not i went ahead and bought one, i just did the 1st session, my face is very red and horrible. I hate life
  4. Hi all, i would like to know whether a 0.3mm dermaroller, namely this one: http://www.medik8.com/en/roller/stamp-intro.html is deep enough for acne scars, pigmentation and overall skin tone. If not what size/brand can you recommend? The one in the link is the only one i can get locally. Thanks
  5. lmao dont tell him to grow up, obviously people have it much worse, but just because his skin isnt as bad doesnt mean it doesnt affect him just as bad. i think his skin is really good basically perfect but i have no idea how he feels about it, so im not gonna write a rude comment telling him to "grow up and get out", your acting extremely judge-mental. how about you support him orrrr go f*ck yourself weedman. oops lmaoooo hahaha So what should we do, gather together and give him a hug? T
  6. you are crazy. There is nothing wrong with your skin, seriously grow up and get out
  7. Dear users, I need some advice regarding the use of co2 resurfacing, namely fraxel repair, for my face. Let me give you a bit of a background: I started to get acne when i was about 16 years old, mild at first, so i went to a derm with my mum and we were offered a course of accutane, which at the time was expensive and she couldn't afford so i was given an exfoliating cleanser, zinc medication and a scar cream. The use of these products seemed to irritate my skin more and more and my acne just
  8. So I've managed to get my hands on a tube of Locoid without prescription. It is a topical hydrocortisone cream and i have been using it on my face for about a week now with really good results with regards to a reduction in acne as well as generally much healthier looking skin. After doing some research however i found out that like all good things in life it seems to come with a nice list of side-effects and you cannot use it for too long especially on your face as it can thin the skin and cau
  9. Hi all Is there something i can use to help with red marks and mild acne(near the jawline)?? The thing is that its summer now and the uv can easily hit 10 or 11 here so i dunno if i should be using those lactic peels and stuff :/ Is it ok to use something like Nur76?? I would like something that is safe to use in summer so i dnt cause more damage than i already have and that can give me a more even skin tone. any ideas are really appriciated Thanks
  10. ill take your point a step further and say that the real underling problem lies in the mentality of society nowadays. Yes acne is a problem so is being overwieght or having some other illness or having any other defect but its society that makes the person fell different. The lack of acceptance makes other feel un loved and un welcome in society. No one is perfect and no one wants compassion i guess, just mutual respect and general love for others.
  11. I lift heavy weights. All the pain occurs under the skin and results in positive effects. You should try it too. perfect reply
  12. Transendental meditation is known to improve general health, increase intelligence and IQ, reduce stress and generally reach a higher level of being.
  13. I was reading the article and i really agree with the words that were written. I mean i can really relate to what he wrote, its like i felt that he described my feeling exactly. I guess its hard being an introvert in a world of extroverts, its like being gay in a world of straight ppl, not many ppl really understand you well unlike extroverted ppl which get understood by others really easily, i think it helps provide them with a lot more emotional stability. I mean humans are social creatures, w
  14. what do anti matter n dimensions have to do with anything? unless, we create anti acne matter n let them annihilate acne, muhahaha (lame joke ) Do you really believe in metaphysics? i got a friend who is obsessed with it. Did you ever try astral projection?
  15. they come in all shapes, flavors and sizes yet none seem to work...
  16. No LOL. Last thing we need is to give that much credit to acne and have it in the limelight so it can rhyme tight... why are you so rebelious? whats so bad about seeking help when you need it? i dunno maybe you didnt have bad acne, seems so from your pic, and well good luck to you for that but it is a condition that makes ppl suffer and they are embarrased to talk about it like there is something wrong. Fact of the matter is that ppl without acne dnt get what we go through and its
  17. I think i would do the exact opposite. I mean i would take them to a derm so they can be given creams and stuff and maybe antibiotics but the acne doesnt clear within a few months then ill fight to get them on tane. Its better than having to use a load of crap that doesnt work and that damages your body anyways. Accutane isnt as bad as many ppl make it out to be.
  18. dnt you go thinking that you got acne cause you deserve it, its just something that happens so no regrets . btw i didnt answer my own question in the first post. I think maybe one day yes but i dont think it will be 100% i think that there will always be some damage left like scars and pigmentation n stuff. I hope i do get clear soon though, haha been hopin for the last 6 years or so
  19. try n wash your face with just water and use a little vaseline at night as a moisturiser. Just a tiny bit, rub it on your hads so it forms an invisable later and you feel your hands slightly sticky and then pat on your face, not rub just pat so it leaves a little layer. Really a little goes a long way. More natural than that i dunno.
  20. Bulgarian R. Dermatologist, your a good man . Your the definion of what a doctor should be, that is a person that helps others get better not a money sucking parasite.
  21. i wouldent apply tca, just leave it alone, dnt irritate the skin and let it heal as best possible. neosporin should be ok i guess.
  22. Think it works?? Can purchase from here: http://www.myezshopmall.com/store/product_...n-care-products