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  1. Elle, Wow, you are very thorough in your research. I looked at the bottom of the Hormotonic container (which is really tiny) and in even tinier letters, it says "Younga Young Laboratories of Pakistan Swat". I knew it was made in Swat but did not know the phone number of the laboratory. On the top of the jar it seems to say "95% +v_ ". I can't make out what comes after the "v". Whatever it is, maybe it's the 95% that's making it potent. As I mentioned in my update on another thread, the cr
  2. Hi! This is Sunset (or Sunrise as FrankY so kindly nicknamed me...) and no, I am not part of this scam or any other scam. I see I am still being made fun of here. I have stayed away, visiting only occasionally but I have continued to use the cream. I have been sharing updates with JacktheBear seeing as we seem to be only ones who are openly using the cream. My update is very similar to that reported by JacktheBear. After having used the cream for a little over a month now, I can say that I h
  3. This is like a scandal that rocked the whole country or something. I don't believe that Bez157 could be part of a scam. Neither am I, for that matter. I know this has made things look even worse for me. But I am who I said I was and I bought the cream just like I said. I have been reluctant to post any more messages because one, I used up the sample I had and had to wait until I received the new ones I asked in exchange for the weaker strength cream I had bought. I received the exchange on Th
  4. Thank you for understanding, catlover 2003. I thought I was the only one with the scabbing experience. I did think that TriReduction was working but when I got big scabs on my bigger scars, I got very scared and stopped using it. I did not want to worsen my scars, especially the newer ones. I thought my skin had some weird copper allergy or something... As for the Harmotonic cream... yes, I understand how people can be wary. Haven't we all suffered enough? But I took the risk and decided to s
  5. I don't know what to say. I pay my own money to get the cream and I volunteer information about myself and how the cream is working but I feel there is a cloud of suspicion hanging over my head that I cannot quite get rid of, no matter what I say. If I had known I would become a suspicious, less trustworthy character because I have not posted messages before, I would have registered last December when I first found this site! As Maya suggested, please wait to see what people's results are. I
  6. FrankY, I am sorry you think I am part of a scam. Personally, I feel quite hurt and insulted. The reason I visit and post on this board only is because I like it the most. I have visited www.voy.com occasionally, but the format was very confusing. Even if I wanted to read about a specifc topic like needling or exoderm, I had to read pages and pages of posts. There is no topic heading so I had to read everything to find something I am looking for. Also, even though it is sometimes amusing to r
  7. sunset


    Steve321, For a while, I was looking into needling. By chance, I picked up a copy of the Reader at UCSD and found this place (a day spa) which does permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, and the lot. They also listed acne scar revision as part of the permanent makeup procedure. They are called Sonya of London and they are in Hillcrest. I have forgotten the phone number but I am sure they are in the phone book or you can check the Reader website. I called the place a couple of times and talked t
  8. I have ice-picks and shallower scrater-type scars. They are mostly on my cheeks, my left cheek having the more serious ones. I also have hundreds of small pin-prick type holes which look like enlarged pores but which I suspect are actually scars. Most of the scars are old (more than 15 years) but some are brand new because I got them last year when I was pregnant with my baby. I started breaking out and I could not use any medication. I prayed the acne would not cause scars but they did. Your sk
  9. If I may add something else - I think there are other peolpe who have purchased the cream and are using it. I do know I was one of the very first one to do so but I think others have bought the cream after I did. I hope they will join the discussion and share their experience. I think we are all here to get informayion but also to help and support each other. Please share your experience if you are using this cream!
  10. Elle, I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. I started emailing Rumana Syed as soon as I read about the cream. Someone posted her original message from another board. That was around mid March. For some reason, I really wanted to try the cream. I wasn't ready for things like laser and a topical cream sounded safe enough. The fact that she suggested the swap thing helped me decide to purchase because I felt it was easier to do than money transfer. 1. What I found encouraging:
  11. rlrl, Actually, I did purchase the cream. I bought Harmolink, the weaker strength one. I did not transfer money to Rumana because we did a sort of product "swap". When I first started emailing her asking a thousand questions, I also asked about money transfer and about how complicated it might be. I had never transferred money overseas before. She suggested that instead of sending her money, I send her something she needed from the U.S. (not available in Pakistan) and she send me the cream in
  12. Hi! I am a newly registered user but I have been lurking around here for many months now. That is how I found out about this cream and after about 3 weeks emailing back and forth with Rumana Syed, I decided to take the big plunge and purchased the cream from her. I actually purchased Harmolink but Rumana sent me a sample of Harmotonic, and I have been using that for almost a week now. I think I got the sample a little after Bez 157 did. I must be one of the people Bez 157 mentioned as having