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  1. Klakely

    All Natural Cold Cream Cleansing

    It is a thick mixture with the consistency of play-dough that melts a little on contact with skin. The ingredients are beeswax, grapeseed oil, aloe vera juice, distilled water, lavender essential oil, and a tiny bit of borax (sodium tetraborate-- a natural preservative).
  2. Background: I got cystic hormonal acne from using birth control at age 20, and have been struggling with acne ever since. The only time I was ever 100% clear was when I used the Regimen for a couple years. But I got tired of the BP bleaching my clothes, and I suspected it was damaging my skin, despite keeping it clear. It's taken a year and a half but I've finally quit using benzoyl peroxide and discovered the only place I get pimples at all these days are on my chin and rarely the forehead.
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