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  1. that's pretty good. i had similar breakouts myself. but i was never on accutane. have you ever taken raw garlic? if you haven't and just in case accutane does not work out, raw garlic may work for you. but you look nice. my face is very clear when i take raw garlic on an empty stomach. the only problem is i have to take it everyday or else i would break out.
  2. tanjo143

    Garlic Is My Savior Truly

    I have proven it. I did not take garlic for two days even though I was low sugar, my acne came back. Not very bad though, just a few white heads. Today, I took raw garlic, one big clove, after my morning coffee. I've also decided that I would not drink coffee more than once a day as it messes up with my bathroom habits. I tend to pee a lot, even during sex/masturbation. Anyways, I am confident that my face will clear again in a few days.
  3. tanjo143

    Maintaining My Diet

    Plus if you look at the nutrition data for brown rice, it has .7g of sugar while white rice has only .2. It's fatty acids are also higher. It's got more Omega 6 per cup than white rice: 603 mg vs white rice's 117mg. So yeah, it's actually worse. I look at the ratio of omega 6/omega 3s and free sugars. Overall, white rice is actually better. But of course, none would agree with me. But FOR ME, white rice is less inflammatory.
  4. tanjo143

    Maintaining My Diet

    um i already know that. we all know "white rice is worse than brown rice" blah blah blah. But brown rice gives me gas, contains more sugar than white rice and is irritating on my tummy. i tried to eat it in place of white rice, but it actually made my acne worse. but thanks for the comment.
  5. tanjo143

    Maintaining My Diet

    I still get some pimples, but they are really tiny. I also lowered the amount of raw garlic I take as I find garlic lowers my sexual drive. Right now, I only: eat white rice eat green leafy veges like kale, spinach, mustard and collard greens drink coffee with liquid stevia (when my stevia runs out, i'll switch to black coffee) eat fish (all sorts) I try not to eat salty food, MSG and other foods not on the above list. So far, my face is quite clear.
  6. tanjo143

    Approach: Gut

    My diet is quite similar. But mine is quite restrictive. I hardly have acne now. All I eat all day every day are: White Long grain rice, enriched, fish and boneless, skinless chicken breast, dark leafy greens, coffee sugarless and a clove of raw garlic every morning. that's all i eat. i try to be low fat, low sugar all the time.
  7. tanjo143

    Vitamins And Minerals

    I think it is important to eat a variety of foods. But unfortunately a lot of foods contain a lot of sugar. Most fruits contain a lot of sugars and sugar is a definite no no for acne. Most vegetables can be sugary too so they can also be bad. So I think we need to eat foods that will give us the most vitamins and minerals without them packing a lot of sugar per cup. And I believe this is where green leafy vegetables enter our diet. I've figured that we don't need to eat fruits and o
  8. tanjo143

    Here's What I Eat For Clear Skin.

    FREE Sugars cause acne in me so I eat only foods that contain the least free sugar, while at the same time having the most vitamins and minerals per cup. So far these are the food I consume. I eat 2 cloves of raw garlic every morning. I drink coffee all day with liquid stevia from sweet leaf. Coffee does not break me out at all. Without it, I'd be dead all day. I only eat chicken and fish like mackerel. I only eat white long grain enriched rice as my main carb every day. I only eat
  9. Can the amount of free sugars in food cause acne? I seem to have figured out my problem. I thought I was allergic to fructose so I eliminated sugary foods to cure my acne. I eliminated table sugar and high fructose foods. I eliminated processed sugars, ready to buy items at the grocery stores and red meat. But my acne never went away. Since I thought I was allergic to fructose, I switched to dextrose for my coffee. But turns out, this was also a big mistake. Dextrose actually made my ac
  10. tanjo143

    Face Clearing

    thanks amoxilworx!!! yes, i do eat fish. i love fish. if i could be a pescatarian, i would! the only other meat i eat is chicken. i love chicken! hehe. thanks for the help.
  11. tanjo143

    Face Clearing

    My face clears up when I don't eat foods high in fructose. It's been a few weeks since I ate wheat/bread and fruits, and my skin is clearing up. Today is April 11 2013 and my face is about 98% clear. I have body acne too but it too seems to be disappearing. I drink a lot of coffee with sugar so I'm probably gonna cut out on the sugar as I think it might be contributing to some minor acne I have. Other than that, this fructose intolerance diet is working awesomely. I barely get g
  12. tanjo143

    Low Fibre / Fructans / Fructose April 2013 -

    if you want to clear your skin, stop eating fructose. Don't eat gluten-foods as they contain fructose, neither fruits and tables. You might have FRUCTOSE INTOLERANCE if you keep getting zits when eating chocolates. Search around on the internet for the diet.
  13. tanjo143

    Coffee Alternarives?

    coffee doesn't really break me out. fruits and vegetables do. fructose is a huge culprit for me. i quit coffee months ago thinking i would clear my acne but my skin didn't change. now i drink it again and it still hasn't changed. you might want to look into fructose intolerance just to see if you have it.
  14. Has anybody ever heard of this condition? I think I have figured out my acne problem. I believe that fructose is highly responsible for my acne. I notice everytime I eat sweet fruits like apples, I would get pimples all over my face. I also have a history of IBS. In fact, I think my digestive organ is screwed up. The only time my acne would clear up or mostly clear up is when I don't eat any sweet fruits nor fructose-laden vegetables or foods. But lately my face has been covered in zits. It