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  1. Why how tall are you? Do you think maybe you have barely been absorbing it this whole time? i often wonder if thats the case with me but im not actually breaking out--its just, my skin still seems oily sometimes--though dry at others... Im only on 20mgs though (2nd mnth) and my derm refuses to raise it so far cause i basically cleared instantly...i just worry that it'll end up coming back like the last time i was on accutane (she kept me at a low dose last time too so I figure that must be the
  2. I noticed a difference within days but to be honest I felt like every cigarette I had was eating away at my collagen whenever I smoked the last few months so maybe some was in my head lol...but I don't feel like it was cause I have tried smoking and using nicotine in other ways since then and my skin always seems to revert back to looking all gross and atrophied every time i try to use nicotine in any way; it sucks. Either way my skin defintitely looked and healed better in like 3 months. It be
  3. Having been on over ten different antibiotics that did not clear my acne, I can personally attest that antibiotics are not a solution. I am now immune to most antibiotics which is a serious problem if I ever get sick. If I could go back in time, I would never have taken the antibiotic pills. Hormonal treatment takes time to kick in, but it is very effective long-term for many women. As for your rant about self-diagnosing, frankly I ended up finding my cure with spiro by self-diagnosing. I went
  4. Nope....plenty of people take accutane multiple times (especially if they do it low dose) but it can be years in between some people's courses--and what the OP said about the idea behind accutane for teens is correct; this is why women are usually told that if their acne is caused by their hormones it will only work temporarily for them--its also why their usually instructed to keep taking birth control. I took accutane for three months at a low dose and it kept me clear for like 6 months, but
  5. Your acne is getting a little severe and from what you're saying you are basically unwilling to use anything that could effectively treat it. Why? This acne could scar you, you realize this right? Im sorry, it's happening to you--i've had a break out or two like this in the past so i know what its like...At this point birth control and spiro will not provide any immediate help so I dunno why everyone's pushing it.... You really need something to kill the infection before it spreads anymore s
  6. Its only been 2 weeks! Antibiotics make it worse before it gets better and it takes over a month sometimes for them to work. You have to take them every 12 hours for them to work too, or the bacteria will grow resistant. I hate tetracycline. It only worked if i took it on an empty stomach and it made me sick to take it in an empty stomach--but i did it anyway cause I guess i'd rather be sick then have painful or pus filled zits on my face (kinda sad). Anyways, just keep using what your doctor
  7. No it'll be fine; accutane (or claravis or whatever) stays in your system for like months, but if you move up a dose expect to break out again. I'm around the same age and I've been on 20mgs for the last month too. I started breaking out a bit in the first week or two but ever since that breakout I've been clear--so clear that my doctor wants me to stay at 20mgs for like, 7 freaking months (we'll see about that; i plan to do some moaning of my own next month). If you do go up, don't use a mois
  8. Yeah I know. Lol, it took me years to quit but once I finally did I was like wtf? Ignore all the BS they told you in school or in the nicorette commercials cause its not nearly as hard as they want you to believe (I mean it sucks but its definitely not the hardest thing I ever did; having bad acne was worse).
  9. I hope it works for you then but if its any consolation accutane isn't a permanent cure for a lot of people either.
  10. I use illuminare's liquid mineral foundation. [Removed] It's like $30 a tube but it lasts forever and lol it's basically like using a concealer for your whole face! For the coverage it gives (a ton) it looks crazy natural---like even when it doesn't match your own skin tone! I have used it for years because it covers everything and has a powder finish (also waterproof) and I can't find anything like it b/c I have oily skin but i can't wear powder without breaking out (sucks so bad). I usual
  11. Dude don't use acids or retins if you're a regular smoker because YES, nicotine is TERRIBLE for your skin and one of the reasons it prematurely ages it is that it slows down your healing (basically retards it if you wanna know the truth) and it also slows down collagen production and keeps your skin from getting oxygen and the nutrients it needs to renew itself. Retin a and BHA (salicylic acid) are exfoliants and one of the things they do is they basically eat away at the top layer of your skin
  12. Did you take your antibiotics every 12 hours every day at the same times? If not, this could be the reason they didnt work for you. The antibiotics need to be in your bloodstream 24/7 or the acne bacteria can rebound and grow even stronger. I would try again if I were you cause antibiotics can clear you way faster than accutane if you take them correctly. If you're under 16 its probably not a good idea to go n accutane anyways, but if you are over that age you should just explain to your pa
  13. Dude I get what you're saying here and I can even identify, but you are being a tyrant (lol, i can be the same way). I mean, it doesn't matter what's fair and what's not fair because one thing you need to realize is LIFE IS NOT FAIR. As long as you live under your parents roof their word is law. You have to put so with their BS--and its not even BS in this case. I wouldn't put up with being forced to eat with the parents either though, but I think the best way to take care of that is to just
  14. I dunno. Acne is basically an infection though, so you're better off treating it--in your case with some sort of topical disinfectant--and thus forcing it to go away instead of waiting for it to do so on its own. I mean i guess there's a chance it could go away eventually but seriously, why wait for that? If its bad enough that its causing you anxiety go see your doctor about it. Your regular doctor can treat your acne just as good as a derm these days, and alls you probably need is a topica
  15. It's not permanent if that's what you're asking and from what I've read it's not any more effective than painless bluelight therapy. Why are you unwilling to try accutane? Alls I will say is if you have severe acne don't waste your time and $$$ on this photodynamic shit and at the very least, give low dose accutane a try. If your acne is severe this med will most likely be worth it for you (unless you have some sort of health issue--in that case maybe don't do it). I started it low dose last