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  1. Cyndo, I dealt with acne for many, many years; it first started out with small breakouts which the antibiotics kept under control. When the meds quit working, the acne became cystic which went on for several more years. My case involved several solutions to the problem but when I started on the thyroid hormones, I saw my first drastic improvement within a few weeks. After getting situated with that, I noticed that when I would feel a cyst coming on, if I cut out the sugar/carbs, stayed hydra
  2. I dealt with cystic acne for soooo many years before I found the solution for me. It is such an emotionally devastating condition to deal with on a daily basis; thought I would post a few things that I found to be important in the solution, which I gleaned from reading others experiences. I found that keeping my blood sugar stable helped; this means eliminating (or minimizing) refined carbohydrates, sugars, etc. I also found (with the help of a kind Dr.) that even a slightly low thyroid will
  3. Hi SmoothLover......I had an appt. w/a cosmetic surgeon last week and he suggested having a mini face-lift; he said that it would make the scars less noticeable. He also said that when they do the facelift, they separate the skin from the muscle, which in turn releases any scars that are tethered down.....so your idea may not be so far-fetched after all, eh?!
  4. When Maya left I believe she still had scars. Maya was kicked off the board for some reason....I think b/c she was plugging a product for monetary gain from the manufacturer/distributor. This is not terribly uncommon, unfortunately, which is why there are so many accusations about doctors, etc. having "plants" on the board promoting procedures & products (e.g. 302 drops, etc.) In defense of Maya, she was not plugging a product for monetary gain; she misrepresented herself to a
  5. secluded&sad....Thanks for your input; accutane was unheard of when I was younger. I did try it for a short time when it first came out but it caused severe depression so I had to stop. My oldest daughter was on 2 courses of accutane about 10 years ago but she didn't have very good results from it. Hey, if it works for some people, I'm all for it.....anything to save people the anquish of dealing with persistent acne. It took me a very long time to find what works for me, but I am FINALL
  6. cjb.....I had colonics done years ago but they became too painful for me; please let me know how it goes when you get your colema board.....I may give that a try. I have done alot of salt water/baking soda enemas, as well as coffee enemas before I tried liver flushing. I also took herbs in preparation for the flush and colloidal minerals after flushing to replace what was lost. birdybird......I'm 50 so I'm even older than you! The thyroid issue seemed to be a major missing link for me. My d
  7. I haven't contributed much lately but have been checking in to read posts. I am much older than most of the posters on this board and have dealt w/acne for over 30 years. I've been the dermatologist route and spent more money than I care to think about. It is my strong belief that if I had not taken antibiotics for prolonged periods of time in my teens, I would not have had acne in my adult years. The antibiotics kept me clear until I was 21 or so, then they stopped working......that's when
  8. Hi Denise! Thanks for all of your kombucha posts; I started brewing the stuff then I saw that you had been using it also........I was curious of your results and was so happy when you started reporting good stuff! Ifonly-I just read the link that Gurra posted about detox; that pretty much explains it. I got headaches/bodyaches/fatigue while I was detoxing; Maybe I wasn't drinking enough water at the time but I now have stepped up my water intake which seems to flush things through faster.
  9. I've been following this thread out of curiosity because I've been using Kombucha tea for a few months now and I'm starting to have noticeable improvements. My daytime energy has picked up alot; I get tired around bedtime only and I sleep really well. I've had major problems w/allergies most of my life and for the first time in ages, they don't seem to bother me. I'm able to eat the foods that were forbidden before w/no negative results. I went to a large brunch party Sunday and really pigge
  10. I had the cold hand/cold feet symptoms, as well as intolerance to cold temps in the winter, extreme fatigue, etc. I am very thin so most docs would not even consider that it might hypothyroidism. I also did alot research on Wilson's Syndrome and was treated for that but could not tolerate the meds, so my family doc put me on Armour Thyroid.....WOW, what a difference within a month! He said that the medical community is now coming around to the fact that fat/thin is not a major factor in diagn
  11. Geez, reading everyone's posts sounds sooooo familiar! I went through YEARS of listening to all the docs BS about eating whatever you want and that they don't know what causes acne but it's not food Anyway, I went through lots of trial & error eliminating foods until I discovered what caused the acne. Then after a few years of being clear, I started getting cysts; no minor pimples but the large, sore ones that stayed forever and left scars. NOTHING I tried would stop them until a wise
  12. Dhouston, I totally agree with what everyone else has said; it takes a pitiful excuse for a human being to have to build themselves up at another's expense.....I'm soooo glad that you walked away from all that.....don't need it in your life. I am a firm believer that you will gain alot of compassion from going through your experiences, and you will find a solution to all of this.....it just takes time. And like Libby said, I too did the dermatologist route for years. They put me on a particu
  13. Hi Libby, It is frustrating to think of all the years wasted on worrying, being embarrassed & depressed over having skin problems when it could have been eliminated or avoided so easily, isn't it? I first discovered a diet-acne link during a long hospital stay; I was instructed to fast for 24 hours before surgery, then did a few of those colon flushes they require before surgery. After that, I was on an IV and didn't eat for 5 days. When I was finally able to get up and around, I noticed
  14. Libby & Vauxhall3000, I too have been through quite a bumpy past; I've dealt w/depression my whole life to the point that I attempted suicide in my 20's, had a series of electro-convulsive therapy treatments, tried all the anti-depressants available, have had a serious illness that took a year to recover, went through a painful divorce and raised 3 daughters on my own while working 2 jobs, had a pretty rough childhood and have dealt with acne/scarring my whole adult life (whew....there's mo