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  1. I just passed my 1 month mark following The Regimen (faithfully), and unfortunately I am still getting breakouts. I know that it is a long process and can take time, but I'm just feeling pretty discouraged at this point. I have a vacation coming up in about another month, and I'm desperately hoping to be mostly clear by then. So I was just curious how long it took everyone else before they noticed their skin clearing?
  2. I have the same problem! I've been on the regimen for almost a month, and I'm leaving in about 3 weeks for the Cayman Islands. I'm pretty nervous about what the (intense) sun will do to my face. I obviously plan to use a high SPF, and I'll also probably bring some kind of hat to wear while on the beach to shade my face as much as possible. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
  3. I've suffered from moderate acne for years now, and I finally decided to give the regimen a try. This is almost my third week doing the regimen (19 days to be exact), and I was just curious how much worse, if at all, other users skin got before it got better? The first week went fine for me, my face seemed to be on the road to improvement. Ofcourse I started experiencing the dryness that I know is inevitable... that I can handle. However over the last week or so, I have had cystic pimples poppin