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  1. try shuuemura. it's a cult-favorite plus one swipe of the stuff across the face gets rid of everything. (mascara, foundation, all that good stuff). I usually use that and then supplement it with face wash right afterwards
  2. i've been doing both fish oil and omega 3-6-9. personally prefer omega 3-6-9 because it's three in one. I get my brand at Esmond Natural.
  3. Try Vitamin E. Mederma is a god-send topical solution for scars. But Vitamin E is another route. I've been loading up on supplements lately but Vitamin E has dramatically reduced the scarring. I get my brand from Esmond Natural. And here's a kinda gross before and after photo. It's not perfect, but I've only started doing this three months ago:
  4. omg. it damaged my skin. i tried the whole toner thing for a while, and it just ended up burning my face. (and i HATE the smell) I think i should've diluted it more....but recently i've been taking apple cider vinegar pills which have been working like a CHARM. I use esmond natural as my apple cider vinegar brand
  5. ah i just did a post on this. but i'd recommend triple omega 3-6-9 and vitamin e (great for scars)
  6. Alright, so I have combination skin and have been using Make Up Forever for years now. I love how much coverage it gives (great for my acne-prone skin) but it gets a bit oily at times. What are your recs for a high coverage foundation that isn't super oily / isnt prone to breakouts?
  7. I've been taking fish oil (this brand: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* for about three months now and I've seen some improvement. I have really dry skin and this has been helping with texture of my skin. It's not a heal-all solution for acne, but it works well on top of the regimen.