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  1. My derm told me to stop using toners as they can be too drying and unnecessary if I am doing my prescribed regimen correctly. I think it just depends on your current regimen and skin.
  2. I agree that if worn over your foundation, you'll just highlight your spots. If you are wearing it under your foundation, then it should be fine. Light concealer under your foundation is great at highlighting and making your face glow esp in the triangular area below your eyes. Also, a lot of concealers oxidize and turn darker so you should try on the shade and see if it gets darker on your skin after a couple hours. If it's still too light for your liking, then try mixing a darker color conceal
  3. I also agree with everyone that you should start with either a tinted moisturizer, a concealer only, or a bb cream. IMO, the only thing that positively affects my skin is my bb cream. You have to find the right one for you as not all bb creams are created the same. I use a korean brand (Dr. G not Jart++) that is extremely gentle on my skin and offers almost as much coverage as Make Up For Ever's full coverage line. I also suggest you buy an oil cleaner (or jojoba oil as someone else has rec
  4. came here because i was searching for a reason why my acne seems to appear better when i drink. my acne also seems to look less inflamed and smaller when i drink. For example: I am drunk right now and after washing my face I noticed this giant pre-cyst puss-filled nastiness is much smaller and almost flat! I've been noticing this about my overall complexion recently whenever i drink. I think it may be being dehydrated..smoked alot of bud and have cotton mouth so i know im deathly dehydrat
  5. Yes, my scars from cysts take much longer to fade than those left behind from smaller pimples/comedones. They leave red/dark hyperpigmented marks regardless of if i pop them or not. I asked my derm why they scar even if i leave them alone and he said there is still puss/bacteria in there that doesnt just disappear but turns into that dark scar as it heals. He said the scar will fade much faster when leaving it alone, however, instead of popping it. Think its because cysts occur on the lowes
  6. Did not know this, thanks! How much time should i wait in between to take them?
  7. Acne changed me also. I use to be so outgoing and could never stay inside, but like you, my reflection in the mirror each morning dictated my mood for the entire day. Friends would start noticing that I couldnt look them in the eye and would make excuses to ditch outings. I felt trapped in my house, my body, my own misery. I guess makeup made things a bit easier for me, but only to a certain extent. I wish I could say, "Just F it, muster up that confidence and live life!", but I know best that
  8. I always dread going to my derm's bare faced but I figure I'm not going to see anyone I know. And your doctor really cant assess your precise situation until she's seen your bare face. If you must though, like you said, maybe you should remove the makeup once you've arrived and put it make on after..not sure why she wouldnt let you do that? Wear super light makeup thats easier to remove?
  9. Some of mine never went away, or just came back right away...
  10. Your acne looks inflamed. My derm said that my acne is very prone to inflammation and the antibiotics works wonderfully for that (amoxicillin). Hormonal acne usually appears around your lower cheeks/jawline and are often inflamed and cystic. They also tend to appear around the time of your period (if you are a girl). I think the only way to effectively treat hormonal acne is by going to the dermatologist. I've tried every over-the-counter medication for YEARS and my skins just got use to them an
  11. Why cant wearing paper bags over your head be normal? Maybe if some hipster started that trend...
  12. HELL NO. Some people I know act as if Satan spit acid all over them when they have just ONE tiny bump..
  13. This may sound weird, but are your parents asian by chance? Because they sound like my overbearing asian parents (not saying only asian parents are overbearing!). I am also in my early 20s, unemployed and living with my parents. When i talk to my white friends, they're always implying how spoiled i am for living rent free with my parents, but all my asian friends have or still live with their parents. Honestly, its just a difference in culture. I also run into many difficulties living back at ho
  14. Do you know how this compares to Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer? Or have you used Benefit's playsticks? I am also looking for the perfect concealer. I've tried MUFE but found it to be too cakey/drying/bleh. I love Benefit's playsticks as a concealer (its actually a foundation) but it doesn't offer me the full coverage and long lasting quality im looking for. What other concealers have you used and disliked?
  15. I second Cerave! after using over-priced moisturizers for years, my dermatologist suggested CeraVe which can be found in any drugstore. It doesn't contain any acne medication (SA or BP) so it wont aggravate your skin while on other acne regimens and it moisturizes like a dream! Im reading my bottle now and it says its accepted by the National Eczema Association so it must be good for your skin condition. For a higher end product, I'd recommend Philosophy's Hope in a Jar if you are super dry. Hop