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  1. Roomi


    Where are pimples??? You are beautiful <3
  2. Don't cry sweety seriously I wish to have a girlfriend like you you are beautiful I am also suffering from mild acne but I think it's because of smoking so I am trying my best to quit smoking I am 20 years old male from Pakistan Just be strong everything is going to be fine soon I promise you
  3. yup i think so that climate change can trigger acne as I am having this problem there is a huge climate change in my area like increase in humidity so i am thinking to leave it and just wait for the climate change which is best or better for my skin.
  4. Roomi


    Your eyes are very beautiful, I'm serious
  5. Seriously I told myself that after getting a clear skin I'll think about a girlfriend till then my computer is my girlfriend because it really helps me and doesn't let me get bored
  6. Roomi

    Me some more

    you are beautiful i should write "what are you doing here?"