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  1. Still taking zinc and turmeric and I haven't been using any acne prescriptions at all. I'll post my pictures tommorow when there's some sunlight. What I have been using for 6 months is La roche posay Effaclar duo and it helps A LOT. But I am still working on balancing my hormones, dietary changes and speeding up the process of fading acne marks.
  2. Hey Sasch! Getting to know your skin better! Really happy you kept going and reached 100 days! 100 days is quite a number and i think it's the time where you can finally tell if something is working or not, at least that was it like during my tane course. I hope thing will keep getting better from now on I know the feeling of "i've tried it all" . . . so i hope this works for you. But remember, there's always a solution to a problem and if this doesn't work, there's tons of stuff left
  3. Sasch83; i know but through the years i have learned to tell if something is going to work and is worth trying or not. Ok, so just to make a quick update! Since the beginning of July i have been taking 30mg of zinc/ day and also taking a full teaspoon of turmeric/day. That's all i've been taking, nothing else. Then, a week before my period i got a terrible breakout! That was a shame since my skin was doing so well. I have to tell you though, zinc and turmeric were both wonderful. They
  4. I know exactly how you feel. I'd cry every single night before i went on Accutane... But in reality - it's not that important to other as you think it is. Many of my friends have acne and I NEVER SEE ANY. Never. When i think of their faces, i can't even remember how acne would look like on them.. It's like it's not there. And i might subconsciously look at their acne sometimes when we talk but it's like a quick glance it doesn't mean anything and you think about it when you do it. it's like a
  5. Hey guys! If anyone still reads this It's been a while i know and feel bad for not updating you guys. As i said, i was using azelaic acid but the summer was getting really hot and with azelaic acid you have to be careful since it's like a chemical exfoliant for your skin so it makes your skin thinner. I stopped using it because if this. I don't want to spend my summer just hiding in the bushes all the time i've got some pictures from the time i was using it:) to make it up to you guys s
  6. Hi, no updates besides the fact my skin is getting better as the time goes by. Slowly. When there is a vast improvement i'll post some pics, it's not worth posting any right now, just remind me in a few weeks time so i don't forget!
  7. mirili: thanks for your advice:) i stopped using my industrial castor oil because it clogged my pores..should have tried the organic one:/ but i still use jojoba oil for removing my makeup and it works great!my acne is indeed hormonal but i guess most of it is just genetics:( So, for the last 3 weeks i have been using azelaic acid and like i said..I can count on it anytime. I had a little breakout when i first started but it was like 3 pimples. And funny-ever since i stopped using isotrex i
  8. Thanks for your advice. Do you really think so? But somehow isotrex doesn't clear my pores... Little bumps i have on my face are still there! I don't know how to get rid of those.. And i am not sure if any of my other products i use are sabotaging me. like my moisturizers or my makeup? Maybe i should continue to use it but truthfully i am not sure if my skin will get any better Anyhow, i'll keep you updated. In two weeks time or so i plan to post pictures and then tell you what i have been
  9. Yes, week 13 i didn't have any active spots, you're right. Now, since i am not using this anymore, i already got a couple of new spots.. What my skin looks like now:It's mostly just little bumps and blackheads, these won't go away with tretinoin also red marks are still the same..which i hate because fading of the red marks and getting rid of unexplainable bumps and blackheads is mostly why i started using it!! before retin a and isotrex my skin was pretty nice with a couple of spots and red ma
  10. Hey guys! So firstly, i am sorry for being away for so long. Since my skin isn't getting any better(i mean red marks aren't going away) despite the fact i have been using this stuff over 14 weeks, i simply stopped using it a couple of days ago. I am not sure what else to write here... I decided to start doing OCM with castor and jojoba oil. I ordered both oils (cold pressed and organic) and until then i am only using my turmeric mask and my moisturizer. I also decided to get some azeleic acid,
  11. Thanks! week 13 was better than last few weeks but i can't upload my photos just yet , i am having some technical issues...i have taken pictures in sunday so i'll write an update tommorow (hopefully)
  12. Thanks Sasch83. I know, i do get an occasional breakout here and there... The strength i use is the lowest and my hormones are crazy so i guess it isn't enough to keep it under control. But I will say that i don't understand why simple azeleic acid cleared me 99% and this doesn't? Well, maybe it will eventually, i still think that with isotretinoin things take time. I've been there before, on Accutane i STARTED clearing up around day 100! Pills take so long, let alone a topical treatment. I rea
  13. WEEK 12 a Iittle late i am too busy to write every detail about week 12 i was and still am breaking out and i think there's going to be a lot more new breakouts before any dramatic changes take place things aren't going anywhere or just really slowly, like i said: i feel like my process kind of stopped and i don't know if i should increase my isotr.strength. i am really irritated when i think things aren't going anywhere! There were improvements but it seems like my skin cleared to some e
  14. Thanks! I hope so too. I wish my red marks would start fading quickly... I started using turmeric again. This time my skin doesn't mind at all! I just couldn't wait until the end of my journey...Everybody's saying how great it is so i had to try using it again. My skin isn't as sensitive now and i used less turmeric so the outcome was great! I noticed the skin feels so soft and supple and just clean after i use this mask. Also it's suppose to prevent blemishes and fade marks(if you use it
  15. WEEK 11 So, this week i got my period so I also got around 4 new pimples. Which isn't that bad. Otherwise, my skin tone is getting better slowly, also the texture is better. Blackheads are easier to manage. I've got nothing else to write. Pictures: