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  1. acneguurl


    Called Diane 35 in some countries I think. Its a contraceptive pill that is used for clearing acne. I tried to many things I got with subscription or without and NONE worked for me. Finally convinced my mother into letting me go on this pill the doctor was recommending called dianette. Within a couple of months my skin was clear. It was crazy!!!!!! Onlllly bad thing and I don't even know if its from dianette is that it did cause me to be a little depressed and down after a while. But I would h
  2. acneguurl

    Wash I Use

    Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 wash or mask. Really handy cause you can use it as a wash or a quick mask. I did (and still do) it as a mask every night (only takes 5 mins) and a 30 second wash every morning. Also if you wear makeup to school or out, wash it off as soon as you get home!!
  3. acneguurl


    Hello there, I don't have a clue how to use this site but whatever. Just trying to help someone out there!!!!
  4. Hey there :-) I'm acneguurl and I'm a sixteen year old girl from Ireland. I had really bad skin since being eleven till sixteen ish until dianette. I wanted to share my success and show others who suffered like me :-) Took about five months to be totally clear from bad skin (march-july) but it hasn't gone back.