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  1. It's most commonly prescribed for cystic acne, but if your acne is prone to scare your face (not sure if yours could) or if it is just simply not responding to any other treatments, then you are most likely looking at accutane to get rid of it for good. Personally, I'd say jump for it. The side effects are not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be (as you'll read on these boards, nearly everyone agrees). I'm a bit biased though, as accutane is my miracle drug.
  2. they say symmetry is the key to beauty, so it could be a lot worse
  3. I'd be more scared of the air you breathe than the preservatives in accutane.
  4. a girl friend of mine had some blood taken and the nurse actually put the needle through the vein...she was hurting for weeks. She wasnt on accutane, but still. Ouch. As for me, my arms are pretty defined and my veins are wide ("Good" ad they called them) and they're really hard to miss. I could probably do the blood work myself. I know how it feels though. I'm sure it's all fine.
  5. how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  6. no side effects for me on antibiotics whatsoever. just acne
  7. Well, just think of it like this. That's all stuff that COULD have come out on its own later down the road, and you wouldn't have accutane speeding up its life cycle to get it out of you as fast as possible. Good luck getting through it
  8. not only the hangover...but the damage to your liver. just keep yourself somewhat lucid. if not lucid, concious.
  9. i've got alliance bluecross/blue shield of missouri and pay an $8 copay each month. It's pretty nice
  10. As Doxycycline was COMPLETELY ineffective for me, I really don't know . I took it for 5 with nothing. It would definitely be faster to see results than to start accutane at this point in time. That's all I have