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  1. I've used Complex 15 for a long time. I started breaking out less often when I switched to it. It's a great moisturizer. And the phospholipid thing isn't all it has going for it. It's also the lightest, best absorbing moisturizer of all the ones I've tried. As far as that ingredient goes I can't say if it's an issue. Though I highly doubt it.
  2. Yeah I drank green tea the whole time I was on accutane.
  3. Yeah there's also Mineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabolol. But these are listed as Inactive Ingredients. Where the only active ingredient listed is Petrolatum. Same as vaseline. To be honest I can't notice any difference between the two.
  4. Well I always see people talking about how good Aquaphor is for accutane lips so I finally bought some. But I expected alot more than what it is. The only active ingredient in this is Petrolatum. So it's pretty much just vaseline. It feels like vaseline and looks like it too. At $5 for this little tube I feel ripped off. This stuff doesn't even work that great compared to regular chapstick. So am I missing something? What is the fuss over this?
  5. Cetaphil is horrible IMO. It makes my face greasy. I use Complex-15. It's light and aborbs completely. Complex 15
  6. If I was you I would go on Accutane. If I hadn't wasted so many years and money trying different things for acne I'd be much better off. Don't use Retin-A unless you like having skin that looks/feels like it was rubbed down with sandpaper. I even have permanent redness in my left cheek from Retin-A. It's bad stuff. I've been on Accutane 5 months today and while I still have red marks my skin is essentially clear. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. Don't wait, you may regret it.
  7. I'm on my 5th month. I've been breaking out in waves the entire time. I would break out badly for a few days and then get nothing for a week and then break out again etc etc... It started after about a week on accutane and it got progressively worse for about 2 months. Then around the 3-4th month my skin started to improve. I'm still getting new zits even now, just very rarely.
  8. I think the general opinion is that it's ok to go out and drink on occasion. I usually go out drinking on the weekend too.
  9. I've also noticed from reading that people who went through worse initial breakouts had ultimately better results. Maybe it just means that accutane works better for certain people? I went through the most horrid breakout ever so hopefully that's true.
  10. If somebody wants to go through Accutane for mild acne then that is their prerogative. People with worse acne may look at those people and scoff but why? Even though my acne may be more severe than someone elses I can still sympathize with the desire for clear skin. If somebody wants to put their body through that then I say let the Accutane rain down upon us all.
  11. I've been on tane for 4 months now and my lips have been consistently dry/cracking. I just put on lip balm like every 30 mins and it's not that bad. Dry lips are a load better than acne don't you think?
  12. If you want a very light, non-greasy moisturizer then Complex 15 is an excellent one.
  13. I'm almost clear from Accutane but I just got this gigantic cyst on my cheek and I'm going in for a cortisone shot. How long does it take for the shot to make it go away? Thanks.