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  1. It worked for me. I had two dermabrasions with Dr. Yarborough in New Orleans--if anyone's interested, I wrote extensively about it a few years ago and I'm sure you could find it in the archives. Anti-Em: you are so cynical about it. Yes, there have been those for whom it doesn't work, but there have been many, many for whom it did. Those unfortunate ones who did not see any improvement remain on these boards in search of other solutions and so you continue to hear their stories (and thos
  2. Hi everyone. I usually stick to the scar section, but this is specifically a cosmetic question: has anyone thought of or even tried using a lip plumper (lip venom, lipfusion, etc.) on those softer, rolling scars (the kind that disappear when you stretch them) in order to plump them up to surface level? Thanks -Leopolda
  3. Hi there. I used to check and post a lot on this board, but since my scars have been so improved (with one new exception), I generally do not come back to this site. In any case, more veteran posters will remember that I was one of the first people here to fly out to be treated by Dr. Yaborough. To be very brief, I was treated twice by him (forehead only) and it improved my skin tremendously. Before dermabrasion, I had tried laser, subcision, many, many peels, needling (which actually did he
  4. Hi there. Like K9lover (hi there, BTW!), I don't come around much anymore, mostly because my scarring no longer dominates my life and I have mostly moved on. If you do a search, you will see that I was one of the first people to see Dr. Yarborough (twice) and reported back positive results. The immediate experience was great (he's the most decent Dr. I've ever dealt with). It's been several years now, and i can say that seeing him was the best decision I could have made for my skin. I do hav
  5. Sword-- I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience with Dr. Yarborough, but there were many of us on this board who had very good experiences including some who were Asian (Poe comes to mind). I'm not going to dig up all of the names, and compare those who reported positive experiences to those who reported negative ones, but the fact remains that there were many of us who were very happy with our experiences. It is my personal impression from reading through reports back, that it has helpe
  6. Hi there. I used to be quite active in this forum (you may or may not remember me), and in particular I was active in the dermabrasion threads. I was one of the first people to fly out so be treated by Dr. Yarborough in New Orleans. I almost never come back to this site because frankly, my skin is so much better that I don't obsess about it nearly so much as I used to (due mainly to the two regional forehead dermabrasions I had with Dr. Yarorough). Recently, I have acquired a new scar that i
  7. Fellowsuffer-- I also would have to disagree with you about her original pics being photoshopped. I think the area that you have identified as a freshly popped pimple looks more like a mole or a permanent discoloration which would explain it looking the same. The hair I think is just, as someone else pointed out, the natural way the hair flows and I really cannot see anything with respect to the lashes. Furthermore, I can clearly see the photoshopping effect in the picture that you tinkered
  8. Sword-- Even though you and I have had very different experiences with (and therefore different opinions of) Dr. Y, I wish you continued healing and peace of mind. I know I've said this before, but from your photos, I really think your skin looks very nice. I don't say this to undermine how you feel, but to let you know that your skin may not look as bad to others as it does to you (this is something I have heard from many people and for many years, but somehow, I think I've only recently rea
  9. I don't know why retin-a is supposed to be goood for scars, but I think it has something to do with promoting collagen growth, but I imagine it wouldn't be anything very dramatic. But I just wanted to chime to to ask Colin about the statement that the skin naturally thickens as we age. It has always been my understanding (and, unfortunately, experience) that the skin grows thinner as we age. Can you elaborate a bit on that statement and what you meant? Thanks Leopolda
  10. your an idiot Just wanted to point out that it's "you're", as in "you are". Will the REAL idiot please stand up?! Sorry, I just couldn't resist! How funny--that was the first thing I thought when I saw this post. Pots calling kettles black and so forth...
  11. Wow, Jenya. Congratulations on your amazing improvement. Would you mind answering a few questions for me? I'm wondering, if you don't mind my asking, if your scar was caused by acne? Also, how old is your scar and how long before the saline injections was your "before" pic taken? Did you treat the scar in other ways or was that improvement solely from the saline? how many injections did you have? And finally (sorry) did you fly out each time to have the injections done, or did you do any
  12. I just discovered primers. You put them on before you apply your make-up and they are supposed to prep the skin, by filling in groves and unevenness, allowing foundation to go on more evenly. They are also supposed to help keep oil at bay longer and keep your foundation from fading out throughout the day. Silicone primers in particular are supposed to be great for "filling in," and keeping a matte surface, though some have reported breakouts from them. I went on makeupalley and looked up rev
  13. Hi everyone. Yes, pittedskin and 30something--that's it. It's generally about $34 USD, but you can find it on ebay for cheaper--I think another reason it helps is because it not only fills the pits and visually "lifts" the base of the scar up to the surface, but I think it also has light refracting particles which create a sort of blurry optical illusion. Just remember, it takes some experimentaion to get the hang of it. You need to make sure the color is completely taken care of first, then