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  1. Joey was in a state when he attempted to unravel your attempted meaning. I will PM you later this evening.
  2. Hi, formerly (still) irrelevant man; please proceed somewhere else. I am sure your family is really proud. Your moronic simplifications needed to be pointed out; I'm sorry you feel so strongly. You have said the dumbest things I have seen on this thread (DHT inhibition irrelevant; retinol ingestion causes massive retinoic acid release). What have you achieved in the past year on this forum? could I try blue ice cod liver then, or is there any difference? You sure can sir; tell, Chico
  3. What petty little man comes here and says that, in this day and age? You have really laid bare your exsanguinated heart, and accompanying spirit. I have had gay men hit on me (I'm honored); and, I have had women that I have just slept with call me possibly gay (I'm honored). Women don't like it when you bring them to climax too quickly, and they can't reciprocate, so they lash out. I guess, no one likes a clearly-defined large deficit, but that is just life. I promise to never comment on your fu
  4. I appreciate you making my point even clearer. There is definitely no hypervitaminosis A at work. I thought you looked cute in the little skeleton suit. So, does my characterization of you as “cute” make me overly feminine too? I am man enough to take it. No, it's not just cats and feminism; you forgot the Mustang and the construction business.
  5. Boy, there is a real smattering at work here (please provide proof). Look at the table below; there is almost 10,000 IU in half a cup of carrots. There is plenty of beta-carotene and retinol for some fun, yet, Navile professes he actually felt better. I actually developed problems after years of post Accutane beta-carotene usage. If anything, the conversion is upregulated; your sneaking suspicion doesn't suffice. Table 2: Selected Food Sources of Vitamin A [8] Food
  6. Navile, sometimes Joseph will induce a case of carotenemia intentionally, to fain jaundice (caused by biliary tract obstruction, of course) for Halloween. He argues that he has to look authentically creepy, if he wants to beat the other kids. The real kicker is this allows Joseph to indulge in trick-or-treating for UDCA. My little chameleon wasn't always so devious.
  7. No Navile, you got the skin yellowing from all the beta-carotene in the carrot juice. If you were really suffering from long-term hypervitaminosis A, you would've felt dreadful (putting it mildly) from all that beta-carotene. Paradoxically, you weren’t getting the toxins out, but you were willfully ingesting it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carotenemia
  8. Joseph, you smashed it this time, my little polyphasic chameleon. I just know that this is going to stick, this time. You’ve been a bathing beauty at the bottom of the well, for way too long. I wanted to get in before anyone else to congratulate you; it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow. You need a name for level 6 dude.
  9. Hey Biggs, my old chum. Please, sit-down, have some yoghurt and tell us about your belly aches.
  10. Hailey, please taper off the medication if you haven't begun already.
  11. Oh boy, this automaton’s updates are driving me bonkers. I feel like an orphan desperately trying to maintain consciousness through a b-grade horror movie on Christmas Eve.
  12. Hailey, in all seriousness go to Propeciahelp.com. The discussions there will help you. It's all dudes, so just pretend that you are one too. Peace.
  13. Yes, neuropathy has been diagnosed in those who have taken DHT inhibitors. All of the high-brow diagnosticians here haven’t ascended to the lofty heights beyond life-long hypervitaminosis A and life-long, undiagnosable, drug-induced cholestasis. Isn’t it unwelcoming for people with real problems to be greeted by that diatribe-espousing, skeletal hobo?
  14. Yes, Mr. Geppetto, and you too have a way of elucidating things lucidly. Chico, what happens to the randy women with procreation on their minds? I hope we have a good plumber reading this.
  15. Yeah, that is why takes an instance of sensitivity a few hours to settle. I guess, if one were a woman and that were to happen when one was getting some grass-fed hiney, well then, a young lass would be in a pickle. In the event, that there are any high-brow feminists out there, please note that the specificity pronouncements made in relation to the male “hiney” do not extend further.