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  1. I have it, but haven't started using it yet because I want to know how to use it properly what are your results like?
  2. Do I use jojoba oil along with aha, or do I only apply aha, and then jojoba oil with my morning moisturiser? Thanks
  3. Hey! So I've been doing the regimen for like 2 months (ish), and dryness/flaking is still a major issue. However, I'm getting jojoba oil tomorrow, but what's the best way to use it? Also, will the fact that I don't/won't have aha matter too much? Please help!! Thanks
  4. So, seems I should change cleanser then and stick with it for another month or so. Right, any good cleansers I could pick up locally in the uk at a place like Boots/Superdrug? All recommendations welcome I just can't seem to find one with good reviews AND a friendly ingredient list
  5. Recommendations for a good cleanser then? Needs to have good reviews because I'm one of those people who go by them even though I know I shouldn't. I have cetaphil gentle cleanser in the cupboard, any better ones?
  6. hey, so my regimen is: Clean & Clear deep cream wash Dan's BP Neutrogena oil free moisturiser. Ive been doing this for around 6 weeks-ish. And i can confidently say that my acne has seen little to no improvement, it is still mild/moderate, with a few 'poppable spots' always being on my face along with a ton of 'smooth red spots'. Before anyone asks, yes i am following the rules strictly and using plenty of bp etc, but the lack of results is making me consider quitting. I know for som
  7. Hey, so im on my 4th week of the regimen, and so far my acne is pretty much the same. I will keep doing it for a while to see what follows But my question is; is the regimen good for your skin? Ive seen lots of people saying all these 'chemicals' or whatever can actually be bad for your skin in the long term. Can anyone prove/disprove this? Note: my acne is mild/moderate and I just want rid ahaha! ill keep with the regimen for another 2-3 months and see what happens, and if it fails t
  8. Also, can i apply moisturiser as much as i want - like 10 times a day for example?
  9. So Ive been on the regimen for about 3 weeks, my acne is virtually the same (atleast i havent broken out ), id say my acne is moderate. The dry skin is really bugging me, especially when im out. Im basically asking for tips to help the dry skin or if it is just a matter of time 'til it subsides, and when can I expect to begin to see my acne clear? I need some encouragement Thanks all in advance
  10. Apparently some paints contain bp so that might be why? The tube is the same, just the paper has a few creases, its more the smell im worried about, as i was using bp before and it didnt smell like paint :/
  11. Is there a way i can check it is genuine, dont wanna send it back - im in the uk
  12. HEy, Stupid question, but i just received the acne.org 8oz bp and i was just wondering, can it be a 'fake one'? I ordered it from amazon, but the tube's paper lining thing is a bit creased, and the bp smells like white paint?! This is probably the worst post ever on here, but my previous bp smelt different. Thanks, and sorry for the dumb question!! Okay i just smelt it again and it really does not smell like bp at all, smells like paint?? :/
  13. Right dan's BP should be here next week. I have cetaphil gentle cleanser as it is apparently one of the better ones. Need a good moisturiser in time!! Recommendations please
  14. Lotion or cream? It also needs to be non-greasy, I just can't find a 'be all and end all' moisturiser for me. More suggestions welcome everyone Cheers
  15. Hi, I am looking for a non comedogenic moisturiser that goes well with the regimen. I've tried simple, neutrogena, and am currently using cetaphil lotion, but I haven't been perfectly happy with any. My skin isn't VERY dry like some, just the occasional flaking, so I dont need a really moisturising one. And also, don't say any with really bad reviews, I'm the kind of person that won't buy anything with bad reviews, I know I shouldn't but I do. I live in the uk, so needs to be available from th
  16. So basically, which is best for the regimen - cetaphil lotion or cream? The cream seems to have much the better reviews, but the lotion seems to be recommended to me more. If I got the cream I'd use it as a night moisturiser. Thanks
  17. Hmm, is very annoying, my skin is smooth but still looks as if I have acne anyone got any advice?
  18. Hey, So I've been on the regimen for a few weeks, and now I only get like 1 or 2 new spots each week. However, whilst my skin is softer, for others it still looks the same because my skin is red as if I had spots. Below my eyes it is a light red, with kind of darker dots inside the red, it's hard to explain. But how can I get rid of this, or is it only a matter of time? Apparently AHA helps, but I'm not going to order anything else from the us, I live in the uk. Thanks
  19. Thanks, could you keep me up to date with you and your finacea gel? Cheers Hey, just to let you all know, I have ordered Dan's BP, I managed to nab some oxy on the spot from a friend, so will use that until it arrives. Anyone have any advice/tips or anything at all? Thanks
  20. Hmm not too sure about 5%, my skin is very sensitive to BP, last time I used 5% I got cuts and everything, people asked me if I had a shaving accident, or if I had a cat scratch me I couldn't eat either because I could barely open my mouth and struggled to even speak, I have heard VERY good things about the face wash though, could it be used as the cleanser in the regimen? Thanks
  21. Hey, So I've been on the regimen for a couple weeks - so far so good(I think), but my Oxy on the spot 2.5 BP has ran out and I can't find anywhere to get it, it seems to have stopped being sold?? Can anyone find a place to buy it, or if not any other options - preferably not Dan's BP as I live in the uk (charges etc). Thanks
  22. Great, thanks. Just been looking at my current moisturiser, and there is no mention of it being non comodogenic, so I'm guessing I should perhaps invest in the cetaphil ones? It says gentle, hypoallergenic, paraben free etc. thanks And I've just looked at this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quinoderm-2808384-Face-Wash-150ml/dp/B000KHPG7K/ref=sr_1_1?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1361580781&sr=1-1 It seems to have extremely positive reviews, a possible cleanser for the regimen? Thanks
  23. Cheers man, very helpful. Another thing - there are a few different cetaphil cleansers and moisturisers, any advice on which ones to get?
  24. Thanks, so if I was to carry on as I were - cleansing, BP and moisturising then would the flakiness go soon? If so how long(ish). Thanks again, your help is truly appreciated.
  25. So, are you suggesting that the cleanser and moisturiser will be okay for the regimen, but I'm better off getting Dan's BP, is oxy on the spot still as effective? i.e will I get similar results if I did use oxy, even if it is just whilst waiting for Dan's to arrive? Thanks again