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  1. It's the lotion that makes you look yellow. Just buy another moisturizer or just use the Acne.org moisturizer at night and you should be fine.
  2. Makes you look yellow

    Easy to apply the yellow color Can only use it at night because of the color Can only use this at night because it makes me look yellow.
  3. Hi there! I'm 18 years old and i'm from Sweden. I have mild acne but i really hate it and i don't even want to go to school anymore just because of the acne... I wonder if there are any products in Sweden that has the same ingredients (or that don't have the bad ingredients anyway) as the regimen?.. I really want to order dans regimen but i read today that it's not sure that the package will get to me of some strange reason so i can't order from acne.org -.- Are there anyone who can give me
  4. Hi! I'm also from Sweden What cleanser and moisturizer do you use? I use basiron 5 % as the treatment but have no idea what cleanser and moisturizer i should use. So if you have any tips plz share!