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  1. Thank you very much! That's just what I needed to know and yea I figured I'd do it at night so that way I won't have to deal with the itchiness as much. Alright I'll be sure to apply it in the surrounding areas, but would the cleanser and moisturizer still be applied all over? Or all in the same area? I really appreciate your help
  2. Okay so I just got the regimen and I have a quick question. It says to use the BP once a day for the first week only and then move up to twice a day. So what I'm wondering is if I apply it in the morning (all 3 treatments), do I then only apply the cleanser and moisturizer at night? Or do I not apply them at all? Oh yes and one more thing, since I only have a bit of acne around the chin area and some around the jawline, do I really need to apply the bp all over the face? I just don't want my fac