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  1. Hi Katie, I am so sorry for you! Its really sucking... I hope you can afford certain new cosmetics, because i would like to list you precisely what I think will help your skin condition. First of all you need a cheap, soft, not-irritating cleanser. this: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar ( 4 $) Its non-soap, thats important and bars lasts always longer and are more effective when a gel, at least _I _ think so.. ;-) Then you need for your dry skin a somewhat richer moisturizer, I would recomme
  2. Hi, the ingredients are quite well, the "Lactic Acid" peels the skin, thats great against acne, but somewhat irritating...if the skin is pretty sensitive. Whats the name of this product? In what a state is your skin today? Any changes? Cheers, Desert
  3. Hi, I think the Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula, SPF 15 is because of its ingredients a good choice, unfortunately I cant test it, because its not available here.... I ve read the ingredients, and cant find nothing comedogenic or particulary irritating. Desert
  4. Hi, I ve found the ingredients of pure zone, it contains salicylicacid, so please stop using it. Maybe you spread a thin layer of bp on your spots.. Nivea Creme is very comedogenic! I think that has caused the breakout. No, i dont think so, I am absolutely convinced, Nivea contains lots of paraffin and other stuff, which causes breakouts. So its the best to used rather nothing at all than this acne-causing-creme. Cheers, Desert P.S. Please, please, please search for a really good moisturi
  5. Hi Katie, again ;-) How does your skin looks and feels? Next to the breakout? It is dry? Red? Desert
  6. Hi, I think you should look for a moisturizer which contains just a few different ingredients, maybe one from the pharmacy (I dont know the right word, for the shop, where you buy medicine, they have, at least in germany a lot of cosmetic products). My chin is still dry and somewhat peeling, but thats okay, the rest of my face has recovered with lots of Dr. Hauschka Face-Lotion, and when the dryness is to 95% gone, Im surely starting again with the regime.... Cheers, desert
  7. Hi, unfortunately I couldnt find the ingredients, but whether it maybe contains comedogenic ingredients or not, you should instantly stop using it! Or am I completely wrong and the american version of pure zone isnt based on effect of salicylicacid? On Dans page are certain warnings concerning the combinatione of bp with other anti-acne-stuff, there is salicylicacid mentioned.... I have bought in the last week exactly 4 Moisturizer until I found one, which doesnt irritate my skin... Cheers
  8. Hi Katie, one question before I starting the research for the ingredients.... Did you use this moisturizer the whole time during your bp-experience? Because I ve used it a year ago, and still remember that it contains rather much salicylicacid, which can cause ugly irritation combined with Benzyolperoxid.... Now, I am going to check the other ingredients......"one moment please" Desert
  9. Hi Katie, that sounds really nasty.... ;-( Which moisturizer do/did you use? some moisturizers, although they are meant to cure acne, contain comedogenic ingredients....maybe you post here the ingredients of your moisturizer, that I can check them.... Desert
  10. Hi Dan, you are completely right! (and you are the regimen-boss, thats nothing new ;-) I have detected what causes my Dry- and Redness, it was a Cleansing-Lotion with lots of alcohol, which I used after the normal wash with a mild soap, after spreading the lotion, I used the bp-gel and a moisturizer (with triclosan as well) This Lotion contains Triclosan, and although Triclosan is pretty unhealthy (burdens/ pollutes (i dont know the right for that sort of damage) the liver, and can damage the
  11. Hi, oh dear, that sounds as if you had even more pains than I do....my deep sympathy! If you are going to try it again, I ve already developed some tricks against the burning: put your moisturizer for a few hours in the freezer, if you spread it on your face, it has a nice cooling effect, and the burning is not that overwhelming, I dont know in where you live, but in Germany its rather cold now, and its also pain-reducing, to open the window and let my face be cooled by the minus-temperature-
  12. Hi Katie, I am from Germany, so please try to ignore my embarassing mistakes... I 've exactly the same problems that you have....my skin is that dry, that I 've problems to open my mouth, it is red, burnes like hell (although i ve find out, that this was mostly a chemical reaction between my bp-gel and the moisturizer) nevertheless, my skin is red like a really, really ugly sunburn, and is so tight, it feels horrible... But I am clear, even after 4 Days of this masochistic Regime...its a years