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  1. Hey Yeon and friends, I too am suffering with the undeserved and seemingly bitter prize of finally beating acne that is... Acne scars! Not only do I have some (be it slightly shallow) indented scars but also like yourself Yeon I too have some redness within and around these scars, also PIH (red marks that aren't scars) plagues my face. I should maybe point out that I am male and these ailments that I describe are primarily if not entirely located along my jaw line. Anyway, to treatments, I
  2. So I have red marks (PIH) left from acne and some scars that still are quite red, I am considering burning some cider vinegar and washing with it along with my usual regime. Will this, in your own experience, help my red marks and general appearance of my skin?
  3. Okay so my acne WAS primarily on my jaw but thankfully I have very little active acne left. Unfortunately through out my journey with acne I have picked up a few scars, minimal though they may be I would like to reduce their appearance. I am aware that scars (not pih) will fade in redness and become quite pale and almost white, will retin a help to speed up this process?
  4. Thanks for the advice, however a while ago now I had a terrible reaction to differin, acne in places was far worse than I'd ever had be because if it, I don't want to risk bringing my acne back when I've finally gotten rid of it, that's why I am apprehensive to use retin a if its only for red marks and scars
  5. I would get a script for Tazorac .05% cream, it will definitely clear up hyperpigmentation, blackheads and reduce the scars somewhat. Thanks for the advice, I have been prescribed retin a which is also a retinoid like tazorac so will try that first and ask my derm about tazorac, thanks! Also do you have a skin routine? I'm really struggling to find one that works for me. I've never moisturized because my skin is oily but am going to give it a try, then I usually use a face scrub and cleanse
  6. Okay, so I'm 19, male, English. I suffered from moderately severe acne that cleared over time, it was mainly active on my jawline and lower cheeks. I had tried every cream or prescription available but only time really helped. Some treatments caused rather nasty, almost cystic breakouts to occur that left me with some scarring on my jaw. Now when I say scarring, I do not mean post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red marks, which I do also have), I mean actual scarring. It is really only visi
  7. Update you guys, Yesterday I felt a sore bump under my skin, to the side of my mouth and up a bit. It was a sharp pain to touch it and been a face toucher I couldn't help myself, so now I have a large red mark from the immune response caused by me squashing and popping etc this will take days if not weeks to fade! LESSON IS: Do not pick or pop or squeeze, sometimes you'll get lucky and it will rid you of your spot/pimple with minimal redness but more often than not you'll make a mess like I
  8. Okay guys, I know there are MANY topics similar of not identical to this one, but I felt like creating my own (control freak). Anyway, I am/was an acne sufferer, male, 19 and English (not that my nationality matters particularly); I still get the odd pimple or bump but I usually cause these myself (I am a face toucher). My skin is pretty clear with no active acne; for those that are interested, time was the only cure for me (that's not to say I didn't try every product, prescription or otherw