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  1. its crazy i can put it on sunday night ...monday its burned peels tuesday gets tight as F ...peels wed...usually tight again and peels friday and kinda back to norm by friday ...deff helps love the tight feeling as well
  2. i get the exact same peel from retin a 0.1 gel
  3. be careful about suctioning to hard ...i got the device from owndoc i believe it was like a pump...i have a raised section now that looks deformed ...i guess i did it to hard
  4. the only thing i have found to get rid of indented scars is photoshop :-)
  5. so you have had good luck with subcision? what hap to that poor kid in the 2nd pic and god bless him
  6. i get the worst looks ...i can speak to women and they won't even speak back ...but i don't care i enjoy making myself look stupid ...i don't blame them though i'm not attracted to ugly people either
  7. i've used retin a for 5 years it works great ...if i had to do it again i wouldn't use a derma roller
  8. i really do think dermarolling makes ur skin look worse ...i think it loses its firmness ....it just sags after u do it so much
  9. i posted the name alldaychemist dot com
  10. i did this for about a year didn't make any progress ...i think it makes ur skin worse
  11. its something pharmacy it will come to me lol ...its really cheap too ...ur face gets kinda red after u peel but no u look fine...after prolly 36-48 hours i use a apricot scrub to help it peel ...u will be able to see when it starts peeling ... alldaychemist dot com ...its really cheap 3 or 4$ per tube unline most sites which want hundreds of dollars ...u can get finpecia really cheap there to ...you can get anything cheap there ...i had a good experience with them ...hope it helps