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  2. These products are really showing some results , I don't wanna get my hopes up to quick but I really like it
  3. I don't know what product to use for my skin I'm scared ... Please help I'm getting depressed people are pointing it out
  4. Heidimarie09

    I Hate My Face

    What should I do too those who have viewed my pictures can somebody tell me a solution please
  5. Heidimarie09

    My Pictures

    Can you guys view my pictures and please tell me a solution
  6. Heidimarie09

    I Hate My Face

    I'm new to this site , & ov course I have terrie acne black spots and huge pimples my skin is very oily I have tried doxycline, tretione , oxy , ambi , bleaching agents for dark spots .. Everything my skin is sensitive .. I don't know what to do anymore I'm becoming very insecure please help