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  1. It has been over a month Since ' havevisited. my son is still doing well. He gets a pimple every now and then ' but nothing close to ten on the Face every day . Things are So much better than the initial breakout Stage ' That was a horrible stage . To Mom Too my sons scars have gotten much better since we are Off the treatment. We were going to have a chemical peel done but decided against it because Things look much better and I dont want to Mess with his face • He is Using a very simple face
  2. well my son has officially finished his accutane Itreatment. next week he will start using the low percentage Retin A the dermatologist gave him. He did have one pimple that came out after he stopped the treatment and took about 3 days to go away. I'm hoping and praying that he won't have to do another course of treatment. I will keep everyone updated. I hope everyone is doing great with their treatment and if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.I will try to come back
  3. Worrying can give you more stomach problems than anything. I never explained all the side effects to my son because I knew he would worry. In fact I'm the one that has been doing all the worrying and have been the one with the stomach issues. I guess what I'm saying is let your derm know about your concerns and maybe he will lower your dose. Then try not to worry ( I know its hard) try some relaxation techniques such as walking outdoors or yoga, when you find yourself stressing. Know that you ar
  4. As the above poster noted. Either cerave or cetaphil is very gentle on skin. My son used both. As for lip balm , we found Bag Balm from local costco or rite aid to work wonders. It comes in a green can. You will find it in the first aid ( think neosporin) isle. We put some into a little container from target so he could carry it around in his pocket. The bag balm is also good to put on any open pimples or cuts. You may notice your hands and arms my become easier to get scrapes and cuts as accuta
  5. Dear OP, please know that most people don't see any clearing until around 3 months. I know this maybe a little depressing to hear but 3 months can fly by. My son didnt start clearing until well into his 4 1/2 month treatment. He is almost finished now (7 months) at 40 mg and things are looking really good. In fact he oesnt even think about his acne anymore unless he's taking his accutane and washing his face. Stay strong and stay positive. You wil have good days and bad, hopefully more good da
  6. Been MIA , dad in hospital. Just wanted to come by and update everyone. My son still has another 10 days on treatment left. It's been a month and a half with no outbreaks. Things have been looking great. Still has the redness since the last month he has only been on 20 mg. it's been 6 months since we started and he can't wait to be off the medicine ( I've been nervous because I read that sometimes the acne comes back and I haven't told him that) the redness is nothing compared to the acne and h
  7. What your going through is what we went through. Derm initially told us things would look much better in 2nd month, but they werent. Instead we went back and forth between bad and worse. I was a little frustrated because I thought things were going slower than normal and was hoping that the accutane would work. It wasnt until the 4th month that we saw actual improvement that seems to be lasting. I think some people need antibiotics and some dont. I was not happy about using antibiotics at first
  8. Hi Marie, its been awhile since I posted. I am glad that you are doing so well. Sad to hear that they want you to do a few more months, but they probably want to make sure its totally gone. Do you know what your total amount is. My son is on 40 mg a day and is 4 1/2 months along. Things are finally looking better. It has been two weeks now since things have looked good. I am so happy. Im sure you remember days of me going up and down. He cant wait until hes off the meds also, but I wonder with
  9. Hi all been on vacation so haven't updated. Things have been looking good. Everyone has been commenting that his skin looks good. Please note we are 4 1/2 months in. It has been about two weeks now since things look better. When he does have a breakout it's been only one or two and they are smaller a stowaway faster. I am so happy for him right now. He is always smiling and is going out again. I feel like I have my so back. There is nothing harder for a mom than seeing her child suffer and she c
  10. He only had 5 active pimples and the dermatologist suggested accutane? What other treatments had he tried prior? how old is he? And what type of acne did he have prior to accutane? Cystic/nodular or just papules/whiteheads? I'm sorry, maybe I see them differently when I say active, what I meanie that he would have about 5 new cysts coming out at a time, but he would still have others that were drying up and white heads and black heads. But it's not like he would wake up everyday with another n
  11. Thank You MomToo and fotoguy for your positive thoughts. I havent posted because things were just staying the same, bad!. Past week things have been getting better again and without the antibiotics this time. he had a dr appt today and the dr only found one where he injected. Usually theres several minutes of injections all over the face. Scarring is looking pretty bad but I read that is to be expected (so thanks to everyone thats posts here notifying us of scarring), so i let my son know that w
  12. Even more coming out again. Things looking as bad as initial in. I'm hoping this accutane is working
  13. Things are looking really bad again. appox 11 actives and about 3 of those looking really cystic. Two more weeks and the 4th month will be completed.
  14. Love your pics they are absolutely gorgeous. What a pretty girl. I am soooooooo glad things are working for you. My son is 3 months and a few weeks along. Just a tad bit behind you. Thanks for updating us and posting the pics. I love it.