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  1. I would definitely say that the best sunblock I've tried so far is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock. I have bought many oil-free sunscreens in the past, but they all made my skin feel really sticky and looked shiny. The Neutrogena doesn't do any of this and actually does feel like I have nothing on. Its a bit pricey ($9.00 for a 3oz. tube), but I think its worth it especially if you mostly use it on your face.
  2. Hi, I'm on the regimen and doing the tape method and vita-k, and I know i'm supposed to wear sunscreen so that the new skin doesn't burn or darkens my marks. Are there any sunscreens that you guys recommend? I've been using Walgreens oil-free SPF 30 sunblock but it looks really greasy after i put it on or do all of them do that...Thanks
  3. Well, my derm switched me to a topical antibiotic after taking oral antibiotics for 6 months. I had clear skin for 6 months after the switch, but the topicals just weren't working for me because they felt really greasy and sticky. But I also didn't want to overuse oral antibiotics as well. I continued with just retin-a after that, and that worked somewhat, but my best results so far have been with Dan's regimen. I only get a pimple every few weeks, and my only concern now is getting rid of the r
  4. Well I'm Chinese and I started out with the oral antibiotics and Retin-a and that worked pretty well for me until 6 months after my antibiotics cycle ended. I don't think its an asian thing, but the only advice I have for you is to follow the directions of your meds exactly. Like if your taking tetracycline always take it on an empty stomach and try not to eat for 1-2 hours afterwards. And try not to take supplements with them that may decrease their potency like calcium. Have you tried Dan's
  5. I received a sample of the tinted moisterizer with my Proactiv kit. I didn't like it very much. It goes on well, but it provides minimal coverage and looks greasy afterwards. I'd only recommend it for you if you put on powder afterwards, and you are only looking to even out your skin tone and not trying to cover up scars or marks.
  6. I used Proactiv with some success for 6 months. You have to remember to use it 2x a day for it to be effective. My skin got used to it after awhile, and I started breaking out again which i think happens to a lot of people. So, i just switched to Dan's regimen using higher concentrations of BP which has really worked for me. My advice is that you just follow Dan's regimen because it is less expensive, doesn't smell, and its gentler on the skin. If you don't have sensitive skin, I'd suggest incor
  7. I just got my Camo & Antishine today, but I have no idea what to do with the antishine. I know I'm supposed to spot treat with the Camo, but what do I do with the Antishine? Put it all over my face or spot treat? Thanks for the help
  8. dannyglover go to menaji.com to find out the prices. Shipping for me was $7 to CA. Do you guys that already ordered it follow Dan's regimen as well? I do, and I only get like a pimple once in a while now, but still left with red some marks. I hope the Menaji doesn't cause further breakouts.
  9. I just ordered the Camo and antishine powder today. Can't wait for it to arrive. I wish they would expand and start selling it at high-end department stores, but oh well :roll:
  10. Hey, I wanted to try Menaji and you're the 1st person on this board who actually has tried it. I was wondering is it really invisible :-s like they say and is it hard to apply? Thanks for the info
  11. Hi, I'm a guy with red and pink marks on my face and I read some of the tinted moisterizer posts. I was wondering what brands do you guys recommend, because i haven't seen any around. Do I have to put it all over my face or spot treat it? And most importantly, Is it invisible? I've used concealer in the past, but its a pain in the ( ! ) to make it look right and it always caked up on the dry skin around the zit. Thanks for all the help
  12. I just started using Vita-K today, And I hope the stuff works. I saw all the products available and I assume they all have the same active ingredient. I was wondering if any of you had any results with your dark circles or scars as well if you had them? I plan on using all over my face so hopefully it works on the acne scars and dark circles as well.
  13. I use Neutrogena Skinclearing oil-free concealer. It blends pretty well and also contains salicylic acid. No one notices that I have it on so thats a pretty good sign. The key for me is to put lotion on before i put on the concealer. hope that helps
  14. There's a new make-up line specifically made for men called Menaji. i want to try it really bad b/c they say its what the celebs use and its undetectable, but its really expensive. The concealer is the size of a chapstick and its $18. Has anyone here tried it?