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  1. Hello I've been meaning to do an update for so long, and I have finally got round to it. Better late than never! I took my last Roaccutane tablet 17 months ago, and I still have clear skin! I can't believe even now how it's worked. Of course I get the odd spot here and there (though would call it more of a pimple), but it disappears as quickly as it appears. Even my back is clear (my back was very stubborn to clear). I don't use anything special on my skin now as part of my skin routine
  2. Just a really quick message from me. Glad things are looking up. I haven't had a single spot for ages now, my scarring is fading on my back is minimal and not noticeable and I am going out tonight with friends with flawless skin and actually having my back on show haven't had my back on show for 6 years. I feel amazing and you will soon too
  3. Good luck! Hope you get the results you want.
  4. Sorry to read you haven't quite got the results you wanted right now. Damn those hormones!! Hopefully this final month will blast it. Not long to go. The difference between your earlier pictures to now are still amazing!
  5. Sorry to read you're having a rough ride. Just hang in there the early days seem to go really slow, but before you know it you'll be approaching the end of the course. Out of all the lip stuff I tried, I found the Blistex ammonia treatment worked the best. If you want me to tell you the proper name, let me know and ill grab it from my make up bag and have a look. Think it was under a fiver from Boots.
  6. Thanks! Well I decided to hold off calling the Dermatologist as I am just so, so happy to be off the tablets. Towards the last 2-3 weeks I woke up every morning and my lips were so sore, cracked and had been bleeding through out the night and was reaching the point where I just couldn't take it anymore. Nicest feeling having normal lips again. Anyway, so I used Epiduo that I was given by my Derm before I started the treatment and that has helped. Now I currently have no visible ones, just a co
  7. 7 days post Roaccutane. I found a few more days worth lying around, so I finished the course exactly 7 days ago. For the past 3 days my face has become covered in small pimples *sigh*. Knew it was too good to be true. My lips are already pretty much back to normal too...... It's meant to be in the system for up to a month after finishing taking it, so not sure what is going on. Going to call my Dermatologist I think.
  8. The journey has come to an end...... So after I have popped my last 3 pills tonight, I have finished my course! I had an appointment on Tuesday. My consultant had to be somewhere so instead I saw the specialist Derm Nurse. She worked out how much I've had so far, and once calculated it said I have had the correct amount and they are no longer licensed to prescribe me anymore. I have literally just double checked this and I have taken approx 7,800 mg (I worked out at the beginning that for m
  9. Good luck with your course! I'm from the UK too. Plus just have to say, you have the most striking eyes!
  10. Hey! Pleased to see you're finally on it Look forward to following your progress. In regards to how long the course is, it's typically between 4-6 months. But it really does depend on the individual as can be extended if needed, so I think it's just a case of waiting to see how your skin responds to get a clearer idea of how long you will be on it. Sun cream? I don't think it will be noticeable enough for it it to go streaky/too orange. After all it is just sun cream and people slap it on o
  11. With or shortly after food. Read the enclosed leaflet!
  12. Thank you I think i'll take his advice and start off with the 20mg to see how my body copes, is there a certain time i need to take the dosage? I would just go for 7 days, then after that up it to 40mg.
  13. Good luck with your course. He's suggested you starting with 20mg for the first week or so to ease your body into it and reduce the chance of you having an initial breakout or harsh side effects. Those that go in with a high dose are more likely to suffer more with the side effects initially. I would do as he has advised. He knows what he is talking about
  14. Ah, glad you've decided to go for it. Good luck with your course. I hope you get the clear results you want!